Global Recruitment of “Hangzhou Workmanship Apprentice”

To draw closer  the distance between international tourists and Hangzhou, in 2004, some key visiting places of community resources for international tourism (“visiting places”) were launched by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission. Currently, there are 123 visiting places of six main categories  in the whole city, classified as urban public service, industrial tourism, agricultural tourism, social culture, social politics and citizens’ life. 
In 2017, 10 mentors for the visiting places were selected by the Hangzhou Tourism Promotion Center , including national successors of intangible cultural heritage, entrepreneurs famous at home and abroad, and ordinary workers serving visitors coming for this city all the year round, who are introducing to all visitors the best of life in Hangzhou. 

This year, the door to “foreign apprentice” is opened as 16 foreigners are to be invited globally for a free study of “Hangzhou workmanship” and an experience of life in Hangzhou. They will learn how to make an elegant fan, a personal seal, a silk scarf, a piece of porcelain, a Hangzhou dish, and how to find fresh food in the wet market, identify those TCMs, and how to live in a correct way in this city. 
Duration: June 20 - 30, 2018
Content: free study as an apprentice dressed in featured cloths. 
*Learn to make a fan and carry forward the intangible culture, including the history of Wangxingji, the workmanship of a traditional fan, the “garland” skills as a part of intangible culture, fan drawing skills, apprentice VS fan makers from Wangxingji, and making a Wangxingji fan for yourself. 
June 20, 2018, full day, mentor: Sun Yaqing, apprentice: 2. 
*A day of TCM culture for thousands of years by the south of Yangtze River! To be a doctor of ourselves, we will learn the basic theories of TCM, identify medicines, practice traditional medicine packaging means, and learn the health preservation knowledge with seasons and the know-how in daily health preservation. 
June 21, 2018, full day, mentor: Dong Hong, apprentice: 2.
*Learn the centurial history of Xiling Society of Seal Arts and carry forward the skills of thousands of years, including “rubbings”, “seal cutting” (a UN intangible cultural heritage), and making a seal for yourself. 
June 22, 2018, full day, mentor: Wang Zhen, apprentice: 2.
*Be a servant of the masses! In this activity, in addition to learn the community service ideas in Hangzhou, we will work in communities in person as servants to give suggestions for their construction. 
June 23, 2018, full day, mentor: Dai Jiaying, apprentice: 2.
*A CEO from the wet market! It is an in-deep experience of roles of merchants and administrators in the market, during which, we will learn how to manage a wet market and food safety, and give advice and suggestions for its better development. 
Morning of June 25, 2018, mentor: Jin Zhang, apprentice: 2.
*A chef of Hangzhou dishes and a taste of delicacies! Following a chef of Hangzhou dishes, we will have a full understanding of the history of Hangzhou dishes, have a taste of them and learn how to make an official dish of the Southern Song Dynasty. 
Afternoon of June 25, 2018, mentor: Pan Wei, apprentice: 2. 
*Be an apprentice of the successor of the intangible culture—manual silk weaving! Learn about the silk culture, visit Wensli Silk Culture & Creativity Exhibition Hall, make a fashionable silk gift with designers, and pose for a publicity magazine dressed in silk products.  
June 27, 2018, full day, mentor: Li Jianhua, apprentice: 2,  Female only. 
*A challenge of porcelain making by traditional way! Learn about the history of official kilns in the Southern Song Dynasty in the Art Museum, appreciate the best products from official kilns, have an experience from pulling embryo and modeling to glazing, and make an official kiln product of your personal style. 
June 30, 2018, full day, mentor: Ye Jiaxing, apprentice: 2.
1. Who are qualified: foreigners over 18 who are studying, working, living or travelling in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, who is capable of simple Chinese speaking, who is outgoing and active, and who are eager to learn the traditional skills and cultural life in Hangzhou. 16 are wanted. 

2. How to register: follow the official WeChat account of “Visiting Places of Community Resources for International Tourism in Hangzhou”, click “Information”-“Register as an Apprentice” to access to the link for registration, and complete and submit the form as required, or just send an email to the official email of Attention: the registration ends at 18:00 (Beijing local time) on June 19, 2018. 

3. How to be informed: after applying for registration, the sponsors will review your information submitted and finalize the list. The results will be informed by email. The list will be posted on the WeChat account at 21:00 (Beijing local time) on June 19, 2018. 

Introduction to Mentors
“Fan Skills of China, A Gift to the World”-Sun Yaqing
The Chairman, General Manager and Director of Arts and Crafts of Hangzhou Wangxingji Fan Industry Co., Ltd., a senior craftsman, a representative inheritor of "Wangxingji Fan" of Zhejiang intangible cultural heritage, master of arts and crafts in Zhejiang Province, and master of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, who is familiar with the fan-making skills, proficient in fan decoration, creativity, creation and fan bone engraving and inlaying, etc., with sandalwood "garland" as a unique skill known worldwide.
About Wangxingji: In 1875, Wang Xingzhai founded the Wangxingji Fan Workshop in Qinghefang of Hangzhou, which was then renamed as Wangxingji Fan Factory. "Wangxingji Fan" is the most famous traditional brand in China, and once adopted as an article of tribute to the royal family and titled as the “Tribute Fan”, or a national gift to foreign guests by national leaders and entailed as the “Oriental Treasure” by foreign merchants. With sophisticated skills, outstanding functions and elegant style, it is worldwide known as one of the “Three Wonders of Hangzhou” with silk and Longjing Tea. 

“Inherit the TCM culture and pass down the essence of national medication”-Dong Hong 
Director of the office of the Guang Xing Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine and the chief golden health lecturer of Hangzhou City with rich experience in the field of health care and unique insights in medicated food. She is committed to the "prevention of disease", meal preparation and dieting based on syndrome differentiation for healthcare.
About Guang Xing Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine: Founded by the Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is located in an ancient building of the Qing Dynasty—Liangzhai, which has been there for more than 200 years so far. It integrates medical treatment, visits, display and experience and offers a place to learn about the history of Chinese medicine culture development, view traditional Chinese medicine plaques and cultural relics, pulse discrimination, experience traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods such as acupuncture, massage, and cupping, and taste health medicinal food and tea. The original appearance of traditional Chinese medicine is perfectly reproduced, integrating the history, culture, tourism, and unique experience.
“Publicize the traditional golden stone culture in China worldwide”-Wang Zhen 
A national second-grade artist of Xiling Society of Seal Arts and an Annual Young Talent of Artistic Creation of China National Arts Fund (CNAF), who is good at calligraphy and seal carving, and has special insights in carving.
About Xiling Society of Seal Arts: Founded in the 30th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1904), it was initiated by the engravers of Zhejiang School and follows the tenet of “Keeping the Stones, Studying the Sealing, and Paintings and Calligraphy”. It is the oldest, highest-achieving, and most influential academic community researching cutting on golden stone at home and abroad, and has a reputation as “the best in the world”. In 2009, the “Chinese Seal Carving Art” applied for by the Xiling Society of Seal Arts of the International Sealing Center as the representative organization of the Chinese seal Carving inheritance was selected as the “Masterpiece of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage” of UNESCO.
“Nothing is piddling, everything is important”-Dai Jiaying
She has 7 years of experience in foreign-related reception, youth education, volunteer service management, and cultural team building, and unique insights in the cultivation and management of open families for foreign-related cultural visits. The research project entitled “Cultivation and Management of Open Families for Foreign-related Tourism in Zhuertan Community” has won the honor of Excellent Experimental Project of Zhejiang Provincial Community Education. The experimental project of “Cultivation of Open Families for Foreign-related Cultural Visits in Zhuertan Community” has been named the National Excellent Project for Community Education Experiments and the Key Experimental Project for Adult Education in Hangzhou.
About Zhuertan Community: The community mainly faces the international tourism market, creates a deep residential experience and canal cultural tourism. The deep residential experience of the community is based on experienced open families and provides an Airbnb-like tourism service that is guided by ordinary people. Foreign tourists can not only explore the rich historical and cultural attractions surrounding the area, but also experience the sights of the World Heritage Canal, and directly eat and live with the people in Hangzhou to know them more. 
“Show the world our best food market”-Jin Zhang 
General Manager of Hangzhou Gudang Farmers’ Market Co., Ltd., an outstanding teacher of the Hangzhou Civic University Business School, and a visiting professor of the Business School of Zhejiang Radio and Television University in 2016. He has very rich leadership, organization, and teaching experience in social teaching and guest reception fields, and unique insights in the contents of the activities involving foreign exchange, explaining techniques, explaining arts, interpretation of professional knowledge of the commerce industry, and dynamical changes in the situation.
About the Gudang Farmers’ Market: It is a place where residents are provided with the materials for three meals a day. It is a gathering point for traditional marketplace culture and modern table culture. In Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province, the Company initiated the business model of market-oriented operation and supermarket management, centered on the principles of food science, safety, and health, implemented the meat quality traceability and double 100 ticket claiming management, and detected 65 batches of dishes each day, in order to prevent toxic products containing pesticide residues from being delivered to the residents. The “Shopping, Leisure and Tourism” platform has been built to provide consumers with the visual enjoyment of food safety, environmental cleanliness, measurement integrity, standardized services, superb management, refreshing view and unique style. 
“Leave the taste of Hangzhou in the mind of the world”-Pan Wei
Deputy director of the Cooking Department of Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School, a master of Chinese cooking with 20 years of experience in the field of cooking teaching and unique insights in Chinese cooking and culinary appreciation.
About Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School: The school has been identified by the Ministry of Education as a “National Model School for the Reform and Development of Secondary Vocational Education” and listed in “the First Batch of National Key Vocational Schools”. Since its founding in 1979, it has made positive contributions to the economic development of Hangzhou and won the "Excellent School Award" in the “First National Huang Yanpei Award for Vocational Education”. It is known as training base for the famous presidents of the Yangtze River Delta, training base for famous teachers in Hangzhou, and the entrepreneurial education base for secondary vocational students at the provincial level. It is praised as the "lead goose" for vocational education.
“Make the whole world fall in love with Chinese silk”-Li Jianhua 
Chairman of Wensli Silk Culture Co., Ltd., president of Zhejiang Silk Culture Research Association, senior expert of CCTV's "Lecture Room", and visiting professor of Zhejiang University and other famous universities. In the 36 years of his life, he only works for a piece of silk: he is a communicator and explorer of silk culture, who has blazed a road to make the world fall in love with Chinese silk again. He is the pioneer of China's silk culture and creative industries, who has opened up a new era in the transition from traditional industries to cultural and creative industries.

About Wensli: Founded in 1975, Wensli Group Co., Ltd. takes silk as its carrier, brand as its core, technology as its support and culture as its base. It is the only Chinese enterprise to participate in the G20 Hangzhou Summit, B20 Summit, APEC Conference, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, and has been described by the major media as "the phenomenon of Wensli that happens at a world-class event." In September 2016, at the G20 Hangzhou Summit that attracted worldwide attention, Wensli provided customized services including dozens of items such as silk national rituals, silk arts, silk gowns, and silk new materials, demonstrating to the world's guests the charms of the international heritage of silk.

“Dreams over fingertips, porcelain to the world”-Ye Jiaxing
Director of the Ye Guozhen Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Art Museum of Hangzhou, a master of arts and crafts in Hangzhou, and an inheritor of the “Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Porcelain Making Skills”, who specializes in ceramics scientific research and art design and production, with unique insights in studying the historical and cultural connotation of the official kilns in Southern Song Dynasty, and the unique Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln celadon art form.
About Ye Guozhen Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Art Museum: It is the first folk art museum in Hangzhou that specializes in exhibiting the Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln celadon culture and art. It is the Productive Protection and Publicity Display Base of “Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Porcelain Making Skills”. Professor Ye Guozhen, the G20 gift review expert, master of Chinese ceramic arts and crafts, serves as honorary curator, whose works have been selected as national gifts many times and are permanently treasured by the National Museum of China.