Five Creative Districts in Hangzhou

Hangzhou has five blocks which have been selected as Zhejiang’s Cultural and Creative Districts. So, where are these blocks, and what are their features?

Mantou Hill Cultural Block
7 Fenghuangshanjiao Rd., Shangcheng District

Mantou Hill Cultural Block is located at the core block of the Imperial City Town in Southern Song Dynasty also the site of the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial City’s relics.

The former old factories and warehouses have been transformed into several cultural and creative industrial parks. The Hangzhou base of the Film Channel of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television is also here. There are also galleries, coffee shops, tea houses, and more than 300 cultural enterprises about film and television culture, wedding photography and so on.

Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural Block
Intersection of Xiaohe Rd. and Qiaolong Street, Gongshu District

Qiaoxi Historical Block is located at the canal’s bankside. There are five nation-level museums, namely Museum of Knife, Sword and Scissors, Museum of Umbrella, Museum of Fan, Arts and Crafts Museum and the Grand Canal Museum, where you can see more than 20 intangible cultural heritages.

In the Laokaixin Tea House, you can enjoy Hangzhou traditional folk arts such as "Hangzhou Pinghua" and "Xiaorehun", which are also intangible cultural heritages.

Sculpture Creative Block on Liusi Road
Longwu Town, the West Lake District

Longwu Town’s east gate is the route tourists must take to enter Longwu. At present, it is the largest and most specilaized street for sculptures, garden decorations, art collections, and wooden furniture. There are also many workshops for inheritors of intangible cultural heritages and where art activities are often held.

Chicken Blood Stone Cultural Street
348 Changqiao Rd., Lin’an District

This is a characteristic block that collects ornamental sculptures of Chicken Blood Stone and integrates it into jewelry, jade and wood carvings. Currently, there is one Chinese jade carving master, three Zhejiang Province jade carving masters, and two Hangzhou arts and crafts masters. This is the place where the G20 summit's presidential gifts come from.

The Thousand-Island-Lake Xin’an Cultural and Creative Block
Menggu Rd. The Thousand-Island-Lake Town, Chun’an County

With a beautiful environment this block, which is close to the mountains and water, covers an area of nearly 400 mu. Presenting the history and culture of Chun 'an for more than 1,800 years, it has now become a featured creative block integrating intangible cultural experience, folk activities, creative design and creation, leisure, shopping, accommodation, catering and other functions.