The Wonder of Waxberries

With waxberries now in season, it’s no wonder there is a smell of sweetness in the air. Fuyang District, about an hour drive from Hangzhou city, produces waxberries in Xintong, Xindeng, Chunjian, Wanshi, Xukou and other places. The waxberries of Xiangxi Village in Xindeng are the most famous in Fuyang.

Xiangxi Village, Xindeng, is a national ecological village 150 meters above sea level and where more than 500 mu of waxberries grow. Xiangxi Village is rich in mountains, high quality water and air, therefore, Xiangxi waxberries are sweet, slightly acidic but incredibly juicy. Diners come to Xiangxi Village and often say that the flavor of Xiangxi waxberries are authentically ripe, tasty and not as sour as those found in other places.  All you need to do is pick a purple waxberry from a tall waxberry tree and then let the sweet and slightly sour taste do all the talking…

This year is the harvest year of waxberries in Xiangxi, and their concentrated maturity is estimated to be from June 16th to the first ten-day period of July. During this period, tourists can climb up the mountains to their own pick waxberries. The price of experiencing waxberry picking is around 20 yuan, and if you haven’t eaten them all and want to take them away, then you can buy them at 10 yuan per jin.

Besides growing waxberries, Xiangxi has many places to eat out and have fun. It is the hometown of Yao Xing, a famous patriotic general of the Southern Song Dynasty. There are historical cultural heritages like Yao Xing’s Hometown, General Yao’s Family Ancestral Hall, Yao Xing’s tomb, “Attentiveness to Duties” Boundary Tablet and so on. As a 3A-level scenic area, there are also many delicacies and B&B’s. If you are tired of picking and sight-seeing, then find a B&B, where you can be waited on while you sample local dishes like tofu, fans? and duck pot.