"Mona Lisa's Smile & Three Renaissance Masters"

Sixty-four containers and more than 250 pieces of art have left Florence and have arrived in the Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou. Bringing art lovers an unprecedented collection of works belonging to The Bellini Family, and all of which inherit the great spirit of the Renaissance period.

From June 8 until August 31, the display hall will restore the Bellini Family's living room, dining room, living room, private prayer hall and collection hall, in which furniture, decorations, and works from the Renaissance period will be displayed.

As the largest Renaissance-themed exhibition in Hangzhou City, you will be able to see authentic works such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Cavalier, Michelangelo’s Rough Frant's Sharpener, Jesus under the Cross, Raphael’s the Madonna and the Child, and the Baptist St. John's Sermon. As you may know, the Medici family was the most important art sponsor and promoter throughout the Renaissance period. Another highlight of this exhibition is that three precious heritages of the Medici family will be displayed: Medici Tapestry Manufactory, the Crown, and the only complete set of family tableware today.

The exhibition also presents dozens of other classic works. One of these works is Mona Lisa, which was created at the same time as the Mona Lisa was housed by the Louvre Museum, created by Da Vinci's anonymous followers and now owned by the Bellini family. Some people say that this Mona Lisa looks younger and more mysterious than that in the Louvre.
During this period, various forums, lectures, and educational activities will be held to give the public a full understanding of the cultural values of the Renaissance period.