Art Exhibition of “Ingres:Road to be A Master”

Supported by the French government of Montauban and the Montauban Ingres Museum.The exhibition “Ingres:Road to be A Master” will be displayed at the Zhejiang Art Museum on June 2.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres is a representative of neo-classicalism of the 19th century. He is good at grasping the beauty of classical art by adopting the principle “noble simplicity, quiet greatness”, which is the highest ideal of Winklmann's classical art. Each painting is rigorous in composition, simple in color, and elegant in image. His works such as “Spring”, “La Grande Odalisuqe” and “The Turkish Bath” are famous around the world.

This exhibition is the first systematic and comprehensive exhibition in China to display Ingres. 70 exhibits vividly show the master's heart and achievements. The structure of this exhibition is very unique. It is not a mere exhibition of the chronicles of artists, but presents the artist's creative process from three angles:

“Ingres thinks about himself”: collection of Ingres’ oil paintings, prints, sketches, and drafts, it is a comprehensive presentation of Ingres’ care on himself.

“Ingres sees the world”: to display Ingre's collection and his other influential works, representing Ingre's collection vision and standards;

“The world thinks about Ingres”: the exhibition will display Ingres’ friend to describe his work and shows how the surroundings impact on Ingres.

Through the above three angles of presentation, this exhibition is more like a restoration of an era and history.