Hangzhou Wu Hill Flower Show

Early summer is the season of hydrangeas in full bloom. Recently, the fifth Flower Show in 2018 was held at Hangzhou Wu Hill Town God Pavilion scenic area. The theme of the exhibition is "a hill, a phase of history, a period of love".

The hydrangea flower is known as the "flower with a thousand faces". And the Town God Pavilion has both classical beauty and magnificent momentum. The beauty of flowers and the charm of architecture complement each other. Now, tens of thousands of hydrangea flowers gather here. Blue, pink, white and green flowers, are competing with each other for beauty of looks. In this summer, let’s wander in the sea of flowers.

The hydrangea flower is the core of the flower show. The Hydrangeas gathered at the Town God Pavilion feast the eyes of citizens. This year, in addition to all the outstanding varieties in successive shows, a total of 73 hydrangea flowers from Italy, the Netherlands, the United States and other countries appeared, such as "princess Diana" and "polar bear" from Europe, "komachi"from Japan.

Throughout all the flower shows, the unique garden ornament is not only the best way to display the flowers, but also the best place to take photos. This year, we will insist on our low-carbon and environment-friendly concept. We will choose elements from culture such as Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Wu Hill Temple Fair and folk culture to integrate the cultural landscape with the natural beauty. Through boutique exhibition, garden ornaments, science propagation exhibition and other ways, we will present the beauty of hydrangeas and exquisite garden skills. In addition, during the flower show, there will be "flower banquet", Han Dynasty style clothes exhibition, tea art and other activities.

The flower show will last to July 8.