The First Voyage of Qiantang River Night Cruise

In the "West Lake Era", Hangzhou proudly developed itself around the West Lake. Nowadays, after stepping into the "Qiantang River Era", the city will be expanded to the north and the south with Qiantang River remaining as the axis. The urban space of Hangzhou will also complete the transformation of "Qiantang River flowing through the city".

Recently, the global-oriented cruise ship “New Lixing” completed its maiden voyage. It can now glide visitors along Qiantang River’s beautiful landscape to witness Xixing Bridge, the Olympic Sports Center, Hangzhou International Expo Center, the City Balcony, the Renaissance Bridge, Qianjiang Bridge and other scenic spots that stretch the 10 kilometer trail.

Floating in the middle of the river, facing the river against the rails, you will easily experience the charm of both sides of Qiantang River: "Lotus Bowl" light show, Qianjiang New City the G20 "water, city, light, shade” light show, the City Balcony’s “shine forever like the sun and the moon”, and the three sets of dynamic light shows beside the Renaissance bridge are close at hand. On the cruise ship, there is beautiful scenery, delicious food, and moreover customized souvenirs.

Currently, the Qiantang River cruise includes a day tour and night tour. At present, the night tour has two departures per day. Both setting off from Qiantang River Dragon Pier, the first departure is at 19:00 and costs 198 yuan per person, which mainly for groups also includes a G20 themed meal. The second departure sets off at 20:30 and costs 98 yuan per person, which is mainly for individual guests. In addition to buying tickets on-site, you can also book online.

In the future, three more large cruise ships will also be built in Hangzhou, to meet the needs of night tour, weddings, conventions and celebrations. After the water tourism product of Shanghai Huangpu River - Guangzhou Pearl River, there will also be Qiantang River - Fuchun River - Xin’an river, Hangzhou - Suzhou, Hangzhou - Shaoxing and other long-distance excursions, which are set to become a golden name card of Hangzhou.