Good Places for Night Snacks in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a city of gastronomy. When you come here, make sure you have a good appetite. Even if you’re full, from the daytime, there’s always room to experience the city’s night snacks.

Sister Lü’s Baked Roll
No.6, Hedong Road

Ms.Lü had been selling baked rolls for more than two decades in her hometown of Taizhou before she succeeded in opening a store in Hangzhou. The store is not big, and the surface of the little oven is covered by freshly baked rolls. Every baked roll has a very crispy coating and is filled with salted dried mustard cabbage and minced meat. In just one bite you will really appreciate the over two decades of craftsmanship.

Light Chestnut
No.335, Wulin Road
With 13 sub-branch stores in Hangzhou, Light Chestnut has accumulated a lot of popularity in Hangzhou. It is deeply loved by the local people. Especially when new chestnuts come into the market, the queue in front of the store is often endless.

The chestnuts, just out of the wok, are still very hot which is then when they are soft, sweet and delicious. Their smell will easily arouse your impulse to buy them when you pass by.

Old Shengchang Soup Dumpling Restaurant

No.554, Zhongshanzhong Road

Coming from Shanghai, Old Shengchang is a very popular soup dumpling restaurant. Although the restaurant is not big, it’s clean and bright, with a comfortable environment. The price is also affordable, costing only several yuan to make your tummies full.
Soup dumplings in Hangzhou are quite popular among foodies. These big soup dumplings have thin skin with a lot of soup in them. Be careful not to break the skin. To savor the delicious soup is the right way to enjoy the soup dumplings.

Yuelong Pavilion

No.196-2, Hedong Road

Even though it is just a small Japanese cuisine restaurant, the ingredients and flavors here are excellent. The restaurant is small and delicate. On the bar counter are all kinds of toy models of manga characters from the manga series. Avocado salmon sushi is the chosen specialty here, and the fillings in the sushi rolls are very generous - they will melt in your mouth right away.