Hangzhou’s Most Scenic Hiking Routes

This spring go for a hike and enjoy some of Hangzhou’s most beautiful scenery.

Meiling Ancient Road

This is a popular hiking route in Hangzhou, which starts from Lingyin Temple and passes through Tianzhu Hill to Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village. The whole line is rich in mountains and plains. Looking far away on Meiling Ancient Road, the mountains shine like green emeralds. Overlooking the West Lake, the glittering West Lake is like a ink painting
. The tea gardens, at Meijiawu, are full of life and another great attraction.

Qixia Hill
Qixia Hill is located by the banks of the West Lake. In ancient times, there were many peach blossoms which looked like rosy clouds on the old hill, which to this day is still a famous scenic spot on the side of the West Lake.

Trees flank both sides of Qixia Hill, where five hidden caves can also be found: Ziyun Cave, Golden Drum Cave, Bat cave, Wuyun Cave and Yellow Dragon Cave, among which the Yellow Dragon Cave is the most famous.

The Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi

Located at the foot of Wuyun Mountain, the Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi is the most remote part of many mountain roads in West Lake. But Yunqi is a real tranquil place with verdant trees and fresher than fresh air. The bamboo landscape is the most famous scene among the mountain views in West Lake and is also known as a "bamboo sea in the cool world", which is best suited for summer vacations.

Chenghuang Mountain

The specific route is Eight-Diagrams Field -Shilong Cave - Qiyun Temple - Phoenix Pavilion - Yunju Hill - Cheng Huang Mountain - Wushan Square, which is not very difficult to climb, but the cultural connotation is the deepest and the most profound. Along the way, ruins of the Southern Song Dynasty and Wu Yue period, as well as the sites of the Shengguo Temple, Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace, and Yuan Dynasty City Wall can all be found.

Langdang Hill

Also known as Lang Dang Hill (琅珰岭), formal name Mountain Road Stretches Ten Miles, is the highest, longest, and most famous mountain track in the West Lake. Langdang Hill is famous for its steep and difficult route. It is located at the east of Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village and the west of Longjing Village and has the broadest view in the mountains of the West Lake. Walking along the mountain path, you can also witness the undulating tea fields in this area.