Go to Hangzhou to Experience a Slow Life

Nowadays, moving away from the city and experiencing a slow life in the countryside is fast becoming the favorite way to travel.

Daicun Town, Xiaoshan District

Recently, azaleas in Luojiashe Village, Daicun Town, Xiaoshan District are ablaze with color. Along the trail to the second highest peak of Xiaoshan, the Eagle Stone, you can see one thousand acres of wild azaleas. On the hill, the slope, and the two sides of the road, azaleas are swaying like golden flames in the sun and, in doing so, set this beautiful season alight.

Banshan Village, Yuhang District
Banshan Village is located at the northwest of Baizhang Town, Yuhang District, with a total area of 13.1 square kilometers and a forest coverage rate of 91.6%. There are 870 hectares of more than 3 million bamboo in the village, which is known as the "Number One Village in China for Bamboo Forest".

The village is surrounded by mountains, and has a beautiful environment, picturesque scenery, and a pleasant climate. The tourism resources of Banshan Village are also very rich. There are scenic spots, such as Futuo Temple, Ten-mile Bamboo Sea, Dusong Pass, Hangxuan Ancient Path and so on.

Dongziguan Village, Fuyang District

Dongziguan Village is located on the side of Fuchun River. Besides the official shipping port, Yueshi Temple, the ancient post road and other ancient relics, there are more than 100 buildings which were built in the late Qing Dynasty and the early-period of the Republic of China. It is the first demonstration village of a wave of new Hangzhou style guesthouses in Hangzhou. Dozens of guesthouses with white walls and black tiles proudly stand, row upon row, under the blue sky and white clouds, as if replicating an ink painting.

Zhinan Village, Lin’an District

Zhinan Village is known as "the most beautiful ancient village in east China". It is located at the foot of the East Tianmu Mountain and the side of South Tiao Stream. It is adjacent to the famous scenic spots such as Shenlong River, Origin of Tai Lake, Tianhuang Platform, etc. The village has rich cultural deposits. If you come here, besides viewing the landscape, you must have a taste of “Zhinan 18 Bowls” which has more than 500 years of history and is made by using local ingredients.

Luci Village, Tonglu County

15 kilometers away from Tonglu County, Luci Village is famous for its boutique guesthouses.

On one side of the village there is a clear stream, and on the other side there are orderly guesthouses. With the special enthusiasm of farmers, Luci Village receives visitors from outside of the mountains. Not only can you experience the slow life here, you can also experience various kinds of farming activities.