Hangzhou’s Must-visit Bars

A good bar serves wine and food, and should leave you thirsty for more…

Address: 118 Nanshan Road

Dr’ink provides fine wine as well as an excellent service. In Dr’ink, if you need any assistance, you can order a yellow ribbon wine, which the staff will know what you mean and assist you at once. Dr’ink’s wine list varies according to the different seasons and for the bar’s extensive wine list, all you need to do is ask the bartender.

Sugar Cocktail Bar

Address: 135 Lishui Road

This is a bar with traditional Chinese style, where poems by LI Bai, a poetic genius, are written all over the walls.
Having established a bartender training school, the chief bartender is also Sugar Cocktails owner. Everyone calls him the schoolmaster. Here he uses a different Chinese poem to represent a different drink. The bar’s featured drinks list includes Moleular cocktail, Chinese style cocktail, and also Chinese traditional tea, Chinese herbal and crude wine. 80% of the ingredients of each drink are made by themselves, so there is no chance for others to copy.

Duowang Wine Shop
Address: 111 Zhongshan North Road

The specialty of Duowang Wine shop is that people can sample a wide range of wines and not get a headache! Featured wine is craft beer, with a fresh and sweet aftertaste. Although its boss established the wine shop, he is more interested in serving tasty food to make sure his clientele has the time of their lives. Apart from the standard menu, now and now unexpected delicacies will appear on the menu.

Danggui Bistro

Address: 67-1, Doufu Second Bridge

The host of this bistro used to be a soldier, has worked as a carpenter, and now he runs this cozy bistro fulfilling others’ hearts with delicious food and wine. All the wine in Danggui Bistro is made by the boss himself. The bar counter and shelves on the first floor are filled with wines such as kiwi wine, hawthorn wine, loquat wine and ginseng wine. Even though the bistro is not big enough and can only serve two or three tables each time, every sip is more than worth it.