New Conveniences in Hiring Hangzhou Public Bicycles

 On May 1, 2008, Hangzhou Public Bicycle took a historic leap. Within the last ten years, with 89,600 bicycles and 473 thousand minutes of daily maximum cycling time, the public bicycle has become an indispensable part of Hangzhou City. With choice, trust and visitors praise, Hangzhou Public Bicycle has been granted six international awards, eight national awards, fourteen provincial awards and thirty-six municipal awards.

Now, after having operated for ten years, Hangzhou Public Bicycle is introducing more convenient policies.

Cheaper for bicycle renting
From May 1 onwards, a new pricing method will be implemented. It is free for the first hour, then 1 Yuan per hour after, the price cap for each day is 5 Yuan. Meanwhile, the overnight bicycle renting service will be free.

More convenient for bicycle parking
 Physical parking points and electric lock technology will be launched to solve the difficulty of bicycle returning. At present, the three parking points in Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum, Wulin Square and Armed Police Hospital, have finished tests and another one thousand service points will be upgraded at the end of this year. With the implementation of this new technology, ten thousand upgraded bicycles with electric locks will be released.

App bicycle rental
Dingda Trip, an App which provides a service for public bicycles in more than 100 cities nationally, will be officially launched in Hangzhou. From May 1 onwards, in the main city zone of Hangzhou, public bicycles that are hired through scanning a QR code can be returned by using this App.

If the parking point is full, you can use the App to postpone the bicycle return time. Each rental can only be delayed for one time. It is free for 1-2 hours, and for a 3-hour delay it will cost 0.5 Yuan, 4-hours delay costs 1 Yuan, 5-hours delay 1.5 Yuan, 6-hours delay 2 Yuan, 7-hours delay 2.5 Yuan, and for 8-9-hours delay you will need to pay 3 Yuan. Each time the maximum time delay is 9 hours.