Hangzhou Longwu Garden Innovation Festival

Visit the first "flower, tea, life" Innovation Festival in Longwu Garden where, until May 6, you will be able to admire flowers, taste tea and experience high technology.

As a special flower base for the West Lake scenic area, Longwu Garden has 120,000 square meters of flowers and trees. With a wealth of beautiful spring scenery everywhere, it is an ideal place for taking photos. One of the most attractive views, at this time of year, is the rose beds which red and white in color can be seen to be blooming marvelously. There is also a sculpture which has been made from Italian rhododendrons and when this kind of rhododendron blooms in quantity, you can only see the flower heads without their leaves.

With tea as the soul and tea sets as the main part, Cha Xi (茶席) is an art of tea ceremony in a specific space with independent theme, enhanced with other art forms.  During this innovation festival, there are ten sets of characterized Cha Xi for experiencing and taking photos. There are also live tea ceremony shows where visitors are invited to drink tea and enjoy the fun of the show.

The most intriguing part of the festival is the high-tech and handicraft activities in the exhibition area. Have you seen a fat machine vending machine before? Would you like to take some 3D photos of plants? Or make a plant picture frame? Would you like to get involved in self-service? Come to the Longwu Garden Innovation Festival which is not only engaging but eye-catching and tasteful too.

The event will last until May 6th. You can get there by bus No.840 embarking at Shangchengdai East Stop.