Let Xin’an River Entertain You…

This May, let Xin’an River entertain you in the following ways:

Night light show
Xin’an River’s night scenery is truly wonderful and especially now that the night light show has been colorfully introduced. The Root of the City, originally the transit station for the construction of the hydropower station, will inaugurate during the period of Labor Day Holiday. It will exhibit Jiande’s origins and culture with an enlightening 6-minute water show, which can be watched by boat.

In the future, light show spots at the White Sand Bridge, the Rainbow Bridge, the south bank of Xin’an River, the Power Plant Bridge and other places will be built.

Admire flowers while it is foggy
The river near Zhijiang Village of Jiangya Town is the most beautiful 10 kilometer stretch of Xin’an’s River. Every May, in the early morning and late afternoon, it will be enveloped by mist which represents a fairyland-like scene.

This year, in Zhijiang village, more than 180 mu of cornflowers were planted all of which are expected to bloom from Labor Day Holiday until the end of May. From 4 to 5 o’clock in the morning and 6 to 7 o’clock in the evening, you can witness a haze of flowers in the fog if you are fortunate enough.

Folk customs
Aquatic wedding is a unique folk custom in Sandu Fishing Village. All the wedding procedures are completed on the boat and during Labor Day holiday, a show will be performed at 10:30 every day at the pier of Sandu Fishing Village. Tourists can also improvise by playing the roles of bride and bridegroom.

Mazhai Puppet Show is an intangible cultural heritage of Hangzhou. It should not be missed for its splendor that has been inherited for thousands of years. The performance time is 13:00 every day and its location is at the cultural hall of Sandu Fishing Village.

The West Lake Water Street
Shouchang’s West Lake is one of the 36 west lakes in China. During Labor Day holiday, the West Lake Water Street will make its debut. The original Shouchang Eight Scenes will be open to the public for free. The night scenery should also not be missed as there is a light show performed from 18:30 to 20:00.

Not far from the Water Street is the Aerial Town. At the Qiandao Lake General Airport, you can experience the thrilling low-altitude trip, watch the drift and motorcycle stunts in the Automobile Park, stay in a hot spring hotel, or join in a bonfire party in old-fashioned clothes to experience the past.