Global Photography Activity: You and the West Lake

This June, at the banks of the West Lake, there will be an unprecedented photography exhibition where the works on show may be old pictures you have collected or great moments you have captured many moons ago… Starting from today, the West Lake calls on photography enthusiasts throughout the world to share their love and moment with the West Lake.

This event, organized by West Lake Scenic Area, celebrates the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up, and is a great chance to show the world how the West Lake and its people have benefited from this. In a story-telling kind of way, it uses the perspective of the masses to show the development of the West Lake.

The exhibits should vary and span the longest time range. When the time comes, masters in the field of photography, garden relics and art will be invited to give all submitted works a comprehensive appraisal and then they will select a hundred of West Lake-related works to be exhibited in Hangzhou’s West Lake Museum at No. 89, Nanshan Road.

It will be one of the most comprehensive West Lake photographic exhibitions. The event also introduces the 1st West Lake Photographer Appraisal Activity to honor photographers with the name of the West Lake and to illustrate their personal feelings towards the West Lake.

Recruitment Time: until May 16
Works to be Recruited include

1. Old photos of the West Lake

Works wanted: old photos from early 20th century to early 21st century
People wanted: photographers and people from all over the world who have collected old photos of the West Lake

2. Three “Top Ten Views of the West Lake”

Works wanted: photographic works of the Top Ten Views of the West Lake of the Southern Song Dynasty, Top Ten Views of the West Lake in 1984, and Top Ten Views of the West Lake in 2007.
People wanted: photographers and photography enthusiasts from all over the world

Note: The photos of Top Ten Views of the West Lake should be submitted with both the new and old photos to make a comparison and the old photos can be from the early 20th century to the 1990s.

3. Historical Videos and Photographic Works
Works wanted: moments (both scenery and cultural landscape) and important historical videos and photographic works from 1970s to 1980s, about West Lake dredging, West Lake comprehensive protection project, West Lake applying for UNESCO heritage and G20 Hangzhou Summit.

4. West Lake Cultural Landscape
Works wanted: photos you and your family members have taken with the West Lake
Content: My youth years in the West Lake: reflecting the beautiful life the Reform and Opening-up has brought to the masses through different people’s moments in the West Lake and their spiritual appearance.

5. West Lake Photographers
People wanted: professional photographers and photography enthusiasts from all over the world
Honors to be enjoyed: honor certificate and money reward: Once selected as West Lake Photographer, the person will be hired as the instructor of photography training activities by West Lake Scenic Area Administrative Committee and the jury of West Lake photography recruitment activities. The term is five years.
Works to be submitted: more than 20 works on three “Top Ten Views of West Lake”, panoramic view of West Lake and other West Lake-related works

Benefits: If the selected West Lake Photographers have any West Lake-related photographic works, they can enjoy free use, every year, of the West Lake Museum or Hupan Photography Club as their exhibition hall.
How to enter for the activity: Either recommended by renowned photographers or by the photographers themselves.
Materials to be submitted: illustrate the connection between the participants and the West Lake, works, creating experiences, honors received and the ones that can specify the stories between them and the West Lake are more desired.
Online Poll: 30 participants will be selected after being appraised by juries and the final ten West Lake Photographers will be selected after evaluating the online poll results and juries’ appraisal results.

The West Lake Photography Event will set 100 winners for excellent works with a cash reward of 200 RMB each and 10 West Lake Photographers with a cash reward of 300 RMB each and free use of exhibition halls during the period.

Work submitting:
Telephone: 86 + 571 87882293
Address: West Lake Museum, No. 89 Nanshan Road
Consulting: 86+ 571 87179579
NB: please specify the name of the photographer and contact information, name and background story of submitted works, which part of the event the participant would like to participate in (if it’s digital works), illustrations and recommendation or self-recommendation if you want to participate in the West Lake Photographers.