Hangzhou’s Subway – The Ticket to a World of Taste

Hangzhou’s subway connects four underground food streets making it the perfect ticket to a world of taste.

Recommended Place: Fengqi Road Station Commercial Street
Subway Station: Fengqi Road Station of Line 1 and Line 2

As the first underground commercial street in Hangzhou, it has ornate colors and a varied catering service, which is like many of the food streets surrounding universities.

Here there are 34 stores all of which provide a wide variety of mouth-watering snacks and dishes. For example, Tanghulu (a sweetmeat from northern China made of sugarcoated haws on a stick) is plump, sour and sweet in taste and just by looking at it, mouths will begin to water. Also, the Japanese-style Gaijiaofan (rice served with meat and vegetables on top) is cheap and generous in size and is also served with an egg. In addition, on the street, there are also Jiangsu and Zhejiang snacks, such as beef fans, wonton, and noodles served with a soybean sauce are also available. So, when you're tired, go in and have a hot snack while taking a well-deserved rest.

Recommended Place: Bingo 126
Subway Station: Qingchun Square Station of Line 2

This is a location full of artistic atmosphere with newfangled and fashionable elements constantly appearing, such as cartoons, unique graffiti and steam punk elements as well as art eggs of different styles, all of which make the street all the more exotic.

It is, in fact, more like an amusement park, where more than 20 restaurants are dotted about. Make sure to try the wheat cake, which is selected as one of the intangible cultural heritages of Wenzhou and enjoy a cup of Hongkong-style milk tea in a bus inside which you will find a Hong Kong movie poster, close your eyes and in a second you will feel like you are on a street in Hong Kong.

Recommended Place: Lemon Tango
Subway Station: Qianjiang Road Station of Line 2 and Line 4

The place is of the most refreshing style decorated with light blue, bright yellow and other lovely colors and who would think it as a busy subway station? Walk into the small street which can be seen in just one glance and you’ll find another world. More than 20 shops are formed to represent a small market perfect for killing a few hours.

Recommended Place: Maitianli
Subway Station: Jingfang Station of Line 4

Maitianli is the newest one of all the four blocks where all kinds of bread and sandwiches can be smelt from afar. Their molecular ice cream is delicate and smooth and, wrapped in a waffle, the taste is amazing.