The 14th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival

The 14th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival will take place from April 26th until May 1st. The major venue is at White Horse Lake and another ten parallel venues are also set up in the city. The festival will be divided into five sections: conference and exhibition, forums, business, contests, and activities. There will be more than 50 activities.

Be more international
This year there will be institutions, enterprises and works from a total of 85 nations and regions joining in the animation festival. The old-line France Angouleme International Comic Book Festival, France Annecy International Festival of Animation Film which is called “the Oscar Academy in animation circles”, Canada Ottawa International Animation Festival which is called "North America's largest animation film festival”, and other world-famous animation festivals will all be in Hangzhou.

In addition, Conley Entertainment Company of Canada will set a competition program at this year's animation festival. China COSPLAY Super Festival will also set up parallel venues in seven countries, including Spain, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Austria.

Be higher standard
Lee Unkrich, the director of "Coco", the creation team of "Loving Vincent", the creation team of "Blade Runner 2049" and other guests will attend the festival's peak forum.

“Golden Monkey Award”, the Chinese animation industry's prestigious award, has attracted more than 600 works, including a nomination of the 90th Academy Award for the best animated film.

Be more market-oriented

The International Animation Business Conference (iABC) has attracted more than 80 media officials, more than 1,500 domestic and foreign animation game companies, as well as various investment institutions. In addition, an e-sports club investor meeting will be held.

Be more interesting

For the first time works from the major domestic animation, games, IP and model copyright owners, and studios have been collectedand the festival will work together with Nintendo, shueisha, Warner,Paramount, Disney and other well-known companies to forge a feast of animations.