The Tenth Peony Flower Show

In the Tang Dynasty, the famous poet Bai Juyi used to be the prefectural governor of Hangzhou and as a northerner, he liked peonies very much. When he took office in Hangzhou, he bought several peony plants from near the Six Harmony Pagoda and planted them in his residence. Under his influence, the masses also began to plant them and from then on, peonies in Hangzhou began to flourish, and admiring the floral species became a big event in Hangzhou city.

Recently, the Tenth Peony Flower Show was launched at The Six Harmony Pagoda, where more than 3,800 ground-planted plants, 450 pot-planted plants and 150 varieties of peony can be seen for 20 days. This year, 20 new varieties were added, and the "Rare Varieties of Potted Peony Admiring Area" was also set up to display 40 new varieties grown in five years.

Peonies, this time of year, are mainly pink, red, purple and white, as well as the rare blue and yellow ones. Some peonies have pink flowers, green stamens, and blue bottoms. Pure yellow flowers are unwonted in flowers, but a peculiar variety of pure yellow peony is on display this time. At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese national flag bearer was dressed in a uniform that was dyed from an extraction of this variety of peony.

In addition, there is also the expensive "black" peony, which was a new variety created in 2016 but is yet to be officially named. This variety of peony is not as black as charcoal, but rather deep purple.