Admiring Flowers in a Scholarly Setting…

In April, Hangzhou’s flowers are blooming in every corner of the city,but the best place to admire themis in a scholarly setting.

Zijin Harbor Campus of Zhejiang University
There is a forest of cherry blossoms just in front of the academia buildings in the western area of Zijin Harbor Campus, Zhejiang University. This area is not large, but its environment is idle and quiet. There is also a stream around it, which makes it a rare place for appreciating cherry blossoms in Hangzhou.

In 2007, Kinoshita Junyan, a professor at the university of Tokyo, who was committed to the cause of China-Japan friendly exchanges, came to zhejiang. After visiting ZijinHarbor Campus of Zhejiang University where his friend was studying, he decided to donate a cherry blossom forest to commemorate his friendship with his Chinese friend, and the friendship between the two countries.It was the 110th anniversary of Zhejiang University at that time, so 110 cherry trees were donated.

Not long ago, the "Future Friendship - China and Japan Flower Admiration Exchange Meeting" was held in Zhejiang University wheremore than 100 people sit on the ground, admire the flowers and enjoy wine. Blooming Marvelous some may say!

Xiasha Campus of Zhejiang Technology and Business University
Currently, in the Xiasha Campus of Zhejiang Technology and Business University, rapeseed flowers are blooming and a blanket of yellow can been seen to cover the campus.

These rapeseed flowers are located at the southwest of the campus and cover an area of about 30 mu. Tens of thousands of rapeseed flowers stand together one by one and now the rapeseed flowers are growing vigorously, with an adult-shoulder-height, a child would be completely submerged in the sea of yellow flowers. It is said that upon graduation, students receive rapeseed as a graduation present. In autumn, there will be sunflowers planted here as well.

Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University
Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry university, located in linan, is one of the most beautiful university campuses in Hangzhou because of its unique geographical environment. In spring, more than 2,000 acres of campus become a beautiful garden. Any passing shot could easily become an enviable landscape photo.

Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University is a national ecological civilization education base. The campus itself is a huge botanical garden, with more than 3000 kinds of plants, many of which are rare varieties. The school also has 14 characteristic parks, such as a magnolia garden, Chinese rose garden, witch hazel garden and so on.