Flowery Ancient Paths Around Hangzhou

In spring, everything in the world has a new lease of life. So, why not pick an ancient path to admire flowers and go on a spring outing? - we guarantee you too will feel revived!

Wuyue Ancient Path

Location: Longgang Town, Lin’an District (临安区龙岗镇)

Wuyue Ancient Path (吴越古道) is one of the top 10 ancient paths in Zhejiang. With a total length of approximately 35 kilometers, it was the major passageway between Wuyue and Southern Tang during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. Walking along the flagging, you’ll enjoy successive picturesque scenery. At the Zhexi Tianchi (浙西天池: Heavenly Lake of Western Zhejiang) in mid-to-late March, cherry blossoms fall all over the mountains and dot the green forest pink. It’s like entering fairyland all over again.

Xuling Ancient Path

Location: Xuling Village, Jiande City (建德市胥岭村)

Xuling Ancient Path (胥岭古道), surrounded by mountains, is 5.5 kilometers in length and 400 meters above sea level. Rolling green terraces stretch layer upon layer directly to the mountaintop from the mountain foot. In spring, the terrace looks fascinating as it is carpeted by golden rapeseed flowers under the background of simple folk houses and a-hundred-year ancient trees. With the addition of pear and peach blossom, it is just like you have stepped into a painting. Besides, walking along the path on the mountaintop, you can always see scarlet azaleas bloom quietly in the trees.

Xiaoshao Ancient Path

Location: Jinhua Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区进化镇)

Xiaoshao Ancient Path (萧绍古道) is also called Shanyin or Hujin Ancient Path. It is the route locals take when going to Shaoxing and is quite famous in the outdoor circles of Xiaoshan and Shaoxing. Along the way there are no crowds, instead, there is an amazing landscape and a memorable history. Jinhua Town has a green plum planting history of nearly a thousand years. In the plum forest of nearly 10 thousand hectares, there are more than 1000 plum trees of more than ten varieties. Now, is the perfect time for plum blossom admiration.

Feiying Path

Location: Shantun Village, Toutuo Town,
Huangyan District, Taizhou City (台州市黄岩区头陀镇山沌村)

Located in the cliffs of hundred meters’ high are two layers which are connected by bamboo ladders. Passing along the Feiying Path (飞鹰道) in the cliff, you can see both the endless blue sky and the bottomless chasm. In spring, when the peach blossom at the mountain foot comes into bloom, visitors flock like birds to the scene. Local villagers also hold activities like claiming peach trees, depositing peach blossom liquor into cellars, making sweet green rice balls, and artistic performances and so on.