DIY - Do It Yourself Hangzhou Style

Recently, DIY has become the talk of the town. With DIY you can make anything you want, from grand scale things like furniture to small arts, crafts and jewels. It is fast becoming a trend, so to experience it for yourself then the following are good places to start building upon in Hangzhou.

Micro Landscape Design

Recommended Store:
Little Racoon’s Flowers and Grasses (小浣熊的花花草草)
Average Price: 128 RMB
Hours: 10:00-22:00 from Monday to Sunday
Contact: 86 13910224610
Address: inside Yan Ji You Bookstore, the ground floor of Raffles Square, 228 Xinye Road (新业路228号来福士广场地下一层言几又书店内)
Traffic: Take bus No. 32 or 176 or subway line four in downtown Hangzhou

When entering this store, your eyes will be greeted with a scene of greenery with wooden chairs and desks circling a big tree as well as lots of micro landscape ecological bottles displayed on the racks. You can use green moss as lawns, ferns as trees, gravel to pave paths, colored sands to make rivers and with some more models such as cabins and animals, you can put your magical garden into a bottle and bring it home.

Amber Handicrafts

Recommended Store:
Ji La Hu Po Mi La (极蜡琥珀蜜蜡)
Average Price: 163 RMB
Hours: 10:30 -23:00 from Monday to Sunday
Contact: 86 15968842121
Address: Room 912, 9 Jin Xiu Workshop (锦绣工坊9号楼912号)
Traffic: Take No. b2 bus or subway line two in downtown Hangzhou

Amber is viewed as a holy article in Buddhism and Buddha beads made from amber are light in weight, warm, and are known for helping to calm the nerves. Inside Amber Handicrafts you will find all kinds of necklaces, bracelets and rings made from amber, and when choosing the right piece, staff are on hand to help as they are with any problems you may encounter whilst making your own amber handicrafts. In addition, there is also amber tea for you to taste.


Recommended Store:
AUGUSMITH DIY Workshop (全爱工匠DIY手工坊)
Average Price: 403 RMB
Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 from Monday to Sunday
Contact: 86 571 58111757
Address: 5F-46-47 Binjiang Paradise Walk, 1515 Jianghan Road (江汉路1515号龙湖滨江天街5F-46-47)
Traffic: Take No. 172 bus or subway line one in downtown Hangzhou

In AUGUSMITH, people can find a dedicated space where they can have their own workbench, well-equipped tools, aprons and goggles, and where they can use their imagination to make their very own handicrafts. In the store, you can make rings, bracelets, necklaces, spoons, bookmarks, the list is endless. You can also make coffee and even learn how to make Latte art. If you have questions, then simply ask the teachers who are on hand to help you with your future masterpieces.

Card Wallets

Recommended Store:
Cheng Tian Handmade
Leather Products Classroom
Average Price: 344 RMB
Hours: 10:30-18:00 from Monday to Sunday
Contact: 86 15968160070
Address: 74 Xiao He Dong He Xia (小河东河下74号)
Traffic: Take bus No. 76, 151 or 348 in downtown Hangzhou

The store “Cheng Tian (成田手工皮具教室)” is located on Xiaohe Straight Street at the bank of the Grand Canal. Whilst the store may be small, it does have everything from tools to distinct types of leather. Even if you have no experience, it’s ok as the owner will show you how to do it hand by hand and you can also engrave your name or whatever you want on your finished article. In addition, and for free, there are teas and fruits to keep you hydrated whilst you sweat it out on your DIY masterpiece.