The West Lake at Night

Some people fall in love with Hangzhou just for the West Lake, which is reflected in the city’s different seasons and weather. However, the most intriguing is the West Lake at night. In ancient times, men of literature enjoyed touring the West Lake at night - an interest that has passed from generation to generation. Lin Shu, the famous writer and translator of ancient Chinese in the modern times, for example, wrote the widely-spread “Journal on the Night Cruise in the Center of West Lake”, filling people with special longing.

Now, from March 17, you don’t have to just admire the beautiful sceneries on paper, because Hangzhou Public Transportation has added a West Lake Night Line on-the-basis of the service of the West Lake special buses. 

Time of Departure: 18:30 –21:00 during statutory working days and 18:30 –22:00 during legal holidays and weekends;
Place of Departure: Exit D of Subway Station: Longxiangqiao Bridge (龙翔桥: long xiang qiao)

◆ The First Stop: No. 1 Lakeside Park

No. 1 Lakeside Park is located along the most beautiful road of Hangzhou at night, Nanshan Road, where all the trees are decked with silver lights, captivating people as they glide past.

◆ The Second Stop: Qingbo Gate

This time of the year, is the most vigorous time for the willows in the park of "Orioles Singing in the Willows" to grow, which strive to bud and attract verdant orioles to come and freely sing. Strolling among the trees at night and the view is illuminating, enlightening you with the prosperity of the city and the lights in the distance.

◆ The Third Stop: Jingci Temple

Jingci Temple is the fourth stop to appreciate the tranquility of the night and here, far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, all you can hear in the dark are the bells echoing in the Nanping Hill. Opposite Jingci Temple is Leifeng Pagoda, which is reflected in the shimmering West Lake through the night lights. The temple stands still and unchangeable, resembling the eternity of the legend of the White Snake.

◆ The Fourth Stop: Su Causeway

Su Causeway is one of the best places to enjoy spring, where the willows on both sides dance with the breeze. It is near Prince Bay Park which keeps its picturesque feathers in four seasons. Especially in spring, here you can appreciate the romantic falls of Japanese cherry blossom and the mountains of colorful tulips.

◆ The Fifth Stop: Yuhu Bay

Yuhu Bay seems more attractive in spring when it is buried in the surrounding verdant mountains. It is also an enjoyable experience to sit silently in the long corridor and listen to the approaching steps of spring. If time permits, then the scene "Viewing Fish at the Flower Pond" is also worth visiting, which represents a vigorous picture of blooming flowers and active fish.

◆ The Sixth Stop: Hangzhou Flower Nursery

Hangzhou Flower Nursery resembles a bright pearl at the West Lake, and it boasts various floral bonsais in all four seasons.

◆ The Seventh Stop: Enduring Memories of Hangzhou

 "Enduring Memories of Hangzhou" is an excellent performance which takes the sky as the screen and the lake as the stage. All the sceneries of the performances are natural. Besides, there is also Yue Fei's Mausoleum, which buries the loyal spirit of the historical figure, Yue Fei.

◆ The Eighth Stop: Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge is the most well-renowned attraction in Hangzhou. It attracts people not only for the beauty of the lingering snow but also for the beauty it presents in the starlight.

◆ The Ninth Stop: Outside Qiantang Gate

The ninth stop is Outside Qiantang Gate, which is spoken highly of by a great poet, Xin Qiji, in his poem, “To reminisce the scenes of those years under the Wang Hu Lou, the water has the same magnificence as the sky.”

◆ The Tenth Stop: Xiaoche Bridge

Getting off at Xiaoche Bridge, you can go to the neighboring commercial malls to experience the high life.