An Authentic Spring Festival in Jiande

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival is coming and marking the start of a new year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, is the busiest and happiest time for all Chinese family members. However, as society progresses many of the traditional habits and customs become simplified. So, to experience a truly authentic Spring Festival, then why not take a trip to Jiande of Hangzhou.

The traditional marriages on the water

In Jiande, there was a couple, who married one hundred times before becoming a ‘true couple’. They repeated the traditional marriage or custom so to never let it disappear. The custom is as follows: first, the bridegroom takes the boat to the bride’s home and then, the parents of the bride deliver the marriage portion which shows how much they love their daughter.

The couple then carries out a number of activities such as singing the Lishi Song and lifting the bride, before finally performing the traditional wedding ceremony, entering the bridal chamber and giving out the wedding candies, all of which is performed on the boat.
Performance time: 10:30 every Saturday
Self-drive: drive from the Yangcunqiao Exit of Hangzhou-Xin’an River-Jingdezhen Highway to Yangmei Line and follow the signs to the destination

Praying for good luck in the new year

In some parts of China, for example, Jiande, people are accustomed to ascending Daci Cliff to pray for good luck over the next year. Also, every spring festival, some people in Jiande are pious to toll the bells in Yuquan Temple. The bells are regarded as a blessing sound that echoes around Jiande and where dozens of monks of the temple gather to pray for safety, happiness and good luck.
Contact: Daci Cliff: +86 571 6454 9418
Yuquan Temple: +86 571 6414 6553
Self-drive: Daci Cliff: drive from the Shouchang Exit of Hangzhou-Xin’an River-Jingdezhen Highway and along the Zhuozhuan 320 National Road to the destination

Picking Jiande strawberries

Red is the most representative color of Spring Festival, which is reflected in people putting up the red antithetical couplet, setting off the red firecrackers, wearing red clothes and picking red strawberries. Now, it's the high time to pick strawberries in Jiande, which are not only big but also incredibly sweet, and here you also can experience the fun of making strawberry snacks.
Address: Jiande Strawberry Town
Contact: +86 189 6995 3287

Children’s Reality Show

Every year before the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Television organizes a “The Mayor of Village Calls you to Celebrate the Spring Festival” Children Reality Show, where more than 100 children convene in Xinye Ancient Village, Jiande City, to experience the traditional New Year customs. This time, the head of village will lead the children to stay in the B&Bs and buy the special purchases for the Spring Festival.

Time: 9th-11th February 2018
Address: Xinye Ancient Village, Jiande
Contact: +86 571 6416 9668
Self-drive: drive from the exit of Hangzhou-Xin’an River-Jingdezhen Highway and along the Zuozhuan 320 National Road to the destination

County New Year Purchases Festival

Chinese people have got used to the custom of buying something new before the festival. In Xinye Ancient Village or Kangqing Farm, you can not only buy the original things, for instance, pork, Maci (fried glutinous pudding), Niangao (glutinous rice cake), Dongmitang (frozen rice cake) and so on, but also experience all kinds of wonderful folklores, for instance, killing hogs, hitting the glutinous rice cake, making Niangao, and attending the lantern show and so on.

Contact: Xinye Ancient Village: +86 571 6416 9668
Kangqing Farm: +86 571 6410 4444
Self-drive: Xinye Ancient Village: drive from the exit of the Hangzhou-Xin’an River-Jingdezhen Highway and along the Zuozhuan 320 National Road to the destination
Kangqing Farm: drive from the Yangcunqiao Exit or Xin’anjiang Exit of Hangzhou-Xin’an River-Jingdezhen Highway and along the 320 National Road to the destination