Exploring the Grand Canal

If boating is the best way to explore the West Lake of Hangzhou, then taking a water bus should be the number one choice for getting to know the Grand Canal. Whether it’s by day or night, taking a water bus and gliding along the canal is like sailing through the canal’s past and future.

Attractions along the route of water bus line 1

The water bus line 1 is divided into two lines, one for workdays and the other for weekends. These two vary slightly in operating time and stops, Don’t mistake them for each other.

Wulin Station
Wulin Square
Even in Hangzhou where commercial districts are aplenty, Wulin Square has never transcended so far. Hangzhou Tower Shopping City, Hangzhou Department Store, Wulin Intime, etc., all make Wulin Square the most representative prosperous center in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Tower Shopping City
With a lot of luxury brands at your disposal, Hangzhou Tower Shopping City not only attracts trendy people but is also a favorite place for taking street snaps.

Eight Girls Music Fountain and Naked Eye 3D Light Show

The sculptures of eight dancing girls grace this elegant fountain, accompanied by beautiful shadows in bright waves and water gushing into pillars. On the theme of “Paradise Hangzhou “, the light show’s naked eye 3D-effect is comparable to international blockbusters. The music fountain has two performances every day at 19:30 and 20:30 (an additional performance at 21:00 on Friday and Saturday is subject to the organizers). The Naked Eye 3D Light Show has one performance every day at 20:00.
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West Lake Cultural Square
This is one of the most prosperous and bustling centers in Hangzhou that is home to fashionable shopping, leisurely entertainment and cultural experiences. Its architectural landmark is the Global Center.

Xinyifang Station
Xiangji Temple
Xiangji Temple used to be a noted temple beside the Grand Canal. In those days when the shipping traffic on the Grand Canal was quite busy, the temple was an obligatory place for Buddhist disciples from Hangjiahu district to Lingyin and Tianzhu to go on a pilgrimage, thus it holds quite a high position in the Canal area and Hangzhou Buddhist circle.

Fuyi Granary
The Fuyi Granary with its white walls and black tiles used to be a period of fossilized history, whereas now it has become a cultural space for unleashing creativity.

Dadou Road Historic Block
Dadou Road is built aside the canal, with Fuyi Granary in the south and Xiangji Temple in the east. Its architectural style features white walls and black tiles, which vividly exert the water town’s charm.

Gongchen Bridge Station
Gongchen Bridge
Gongchen Bridge was founded in the fourth year of Emperor Chongzhen’s reign (1631). Spanning over the Grand Canal, it hides a wealth of history that only the water beneath can reveal.

Qiaoxi Historic Block
As the industrial heritage of modern times, the old factory mills in Qiaoxi Historic Block are radiating a new unique appeal thanks to the presence of the cultural creativity industry and museum complex.

Attractions along the route of water bus line 2

Beixinguan, Hemu Station
Xiaohe Straight Street
“Riverside dwellings” are the two descriptive words for Xiaohe Straight Street. Here the houses are wooden structured, and the paths are flagstone paved. The back door of these houses leads to the slate or cobblestone-paved canalside dock where local residents wash their clothes and rice, a vivid scene of water town life.

Zijinghua Station
Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University
This is a national key university with a long history. The campus is near a mountain and beside a river and has elegant surroundings where exuberant flowers, verdant trees and green lawns flourish. Enhancing each other’s beauty with the West Lake’s landscape, the campus is an ideal place for artistic photography.

Xixi Wuchang Station
Xixi National Wetland Park
As the Chinese saying goes, “Mountain forest is but a temporal retreat. Madding crowd is the real place to sequester”. Xixi National Wetland Park gives people the sensation of a hermit’s wisdom and transcendence. Without intentional seclusion or deliberate seduction, it exists there by itself wildly and freely.

Ticket fare: 80 RMB (charged items: battery cart 5 RMB per person, battery boat 60 RMB per person, rowing boat 100 RMB per person per hour)

Attractions along water bus line 3

Half Hill Station
Hangzhou Banshan National Forest Park
Banshan Mountain is the only large mountain in the northern region of Hangzhou. Its forest coverage surpasses 90% and the quantity of negative oxygen ions in its air is an average of 4000 per cubic centimeter, hence being referred to as the forest oxygen bar in downtown Hangzhou.

Gongda Station
Zhejiang Industrial University
It is often said that “Zhejiang Industrial University is a wonderful place for foodies “. At the back gate of its Zhaohui Campus, there are many food streets where tons of great things to eat and places to entertain you are lurking. By the way, it is also not far from the famous Shengli River Food Street.

Zhaohui Station
Zhaohui Cultural Theme Park in Xiacheng District
The park is home to a ginkgo forest with more than 300 ginkgo trees that are 50 years and older. Once you step into the park, you’ll see a 600-meter-long forest road that in autumn, as the yellow ginkgo leaves fall to the floor, fills your vision with gold.