Immerse Yourselves in the Three Fairylands

Hangzhou is a unique place and one that is endowed with natural and beautiful scenery. Recently, three of Hangzhou’s sceneries have been recognized in the 2018 Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Work Conference. Let’s see what and where they are…

Yuhang Tangxi Town is listed as one of the first group of Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Custom Towns

Tangxi Ancient Town, located in Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, is the well-renowned prolific village, rich in fish, rice, flowers, fruits, silk and loquat. Most of the products here have benefited from the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which resembles a colorful ribbon, passing through the town.

Originally reputed as the best Jiangnan-style Town, Tangxi has welcomed Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty three times. However, what most attracts people to Tangxi is its delicious snacks, antique houses left from the Ming or Qing dynasties, and the slow pace of suburban life.

Shuibei Street, in the town, is home to many traditional delicacies and time-honored shops, such as Fagen Cake, Menban Rice, Kangqian Shifu and Yibaoxiang. Here the tastes are so memorable that many people often make special trips to come and eat on weekends. Xincun Alley across from Shuibei Street also boasts a lot of special snacks of Tangxi Town such as the chestnut duck.

Meandering through the town, you will fall in love with the unique charm of antiquity and the beauty of the nature found in each and every corner of this most wonderful find.

Xixi National Wetland Park is reputed as the Zhejiang Provincial Quality Tourism Classic Scenic Area

Xixi National Wetland Park Hongyuan Garden is rich in natural resources. Here, you can choose to stroll through the shaded paths or take a boat to overview the famous spots or even a sculling boat to shuttle through the quiet rivers. No matter which way you choose, you can immerse yourself in nature and feel its most refreshing breeze.

Here, the aquatic plants grow naturally, the thatched huts appear menacing, the sounds are confusing, but all of which contribute to making Xixi Wetland Park resemble a harmonious wash painting.

Jingshan Chengu is recognized as one of the first group of Zhejiang Provincial Golden Class B&Bs

Located in the heart of Dajinshan Village National Park and embraced by tea gardens, rice fields and bamboo seas, Jingshan Chengu is characterized by a mix of European Ancient Eclecticism and Art Deco.

Among the thousands of B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast) in Hangzhou, only three are elected as the first group of Zhejiang Provincial Gold B&Bs, and Chengu is honorably one of the three. In Chengu, you may marvel at the interior as all of the decorations and furniture are individually designed by a variety of different designers.