Skiing Venues in Hangzhou

Finally, the wet and chilly weather has come to an end and the winter’s sun can be seen shining high above Hangzhou. However, for those who love snow, seeing temperatures gradually rise was not on their horizon…

You will be excited to know that there really is no need to wait for the snow to fall as we have listed Hangzhou’s top 6 peripheral ski resorts, including both indoor and outdoor, so all you need to do now is grab your skis and go…

Lin’an Daming Mountain Ski Resort (临安大明山滑雪场)

Lin’an Daming Mountain Ski Resort is located at Wansong Hill, beside Daming Lake, where the altitude reaches more than 1200 meters high. It’s the highest mountain ski resort of the largest scale in Eastern China. Daming Mountain, in winter, is a beautiful place for admiring snow, and every time it falls, it forms magnificent landscapes such as ice mountains, snow pines, ice lake, ice falls, icicles, ice caves, snow mountains, snow grasslands and so on.

Ticket (for reference): ticket+scenic spot bus+round trip cable car+1 hour’s skiing, starting price as 325 RMB per person, which will change according to the skiing time, weekends and vacations.
Address: Mount Daming Scenic Spot, Baiguo Village, Qingliang Peak Town, Lin’an, Hangzhou.

Jiangnan Tianchi Ski Resort (江南天池滑雪场)

As the biggest outdoor ski resort in the south region of Yangtze River, Jiangnan Tianchi Ski Resort is widely known. The 400-meter-long main ski run, where the maximum gradient reaches 30 degrees, looks incomparably grand and magnificent in the surrounding natural scenery.  All you need to do is stand at the top of the steep slope, look down at the white blanket of snow and then take a deep breath and off you go.

The biggest feature of Jiangnan Tianchi is its combination of skiing and hot spring bathing, the two most coveted amusements in winter. The amalgamation of ice and fire makes it look a lot more like the hot spring experience at Hokkaido. Here, taking a dip into a hot spring has never been cooler.

Ticket (for reference): scenic spot 80 RMB per person; ski resort ticket 150 RMB per hour, 220 RMB per hour on the weekend, 260 RMB per hour on national holidays; hot spring ticket: 198 RMB per person
Telephone: +86 572 5041858
Address: Jiangnan Tianchi Scenic Spot, Tianhuangping Town, Anji County, Huzhou City

Qiaobo Indoor Skiing (乔波滑雪世界)

Qiaobo Indoor Skiing is the sole sports facility, in Zhejiang, that offers skiing in all four seasons. Without any weather limitations, the year-round indoor temperature maintains at around -3 degrees. This skiing venue, covering nearly 40,000 square meters, has professional skiing facilities, and two ski runs of primary level and upper medium level.

Qiaobo Indoor Skiing has also introduced a ski travelator called the “Magic Carpet” which quickly transports skiers to the top of the slopes so that they can practice and enjoy skiing to their heart's content. A children’s snow play park with all kinds of gadgets has especially been designed for children, which is nothing less than a winter wonderland of snow and fun.

Ticket (for reference): 228 RMB per person per session, 266 RMB per person per session on the weekend, prices above exclude national holidays.
Telephone: +86 575 89859999
Address: 2168 Kenan Avenue,  Keyan Sub-district, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City
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