Seek Silence and Antiquity in Liuxia Ancient Street

If you come to Liuxia Ancient Street of Hangzhou, you will naturally slow your pace, and unconsciously indulge yourself in the coziness of life. To experience the wonderful charm of Liuxia Ancient Street, then don’t miss the following:

The antique temperament

Liuxia Ancient Street is attractive not only for its elegant scenery that surrounds the Jiangnan water countryside, but also for its ubiquitous ancient melodies. There are four ancient bridges that span the Xixi River, all having witnessed the vicissitudes of this place for hundreds of years. Shenming Pavilion, nestled in a corner, is regarded by locals as an excellent place to resolve civil disputes. All the things here, for example, the pavilions, ancient stores and old houses, resemble elders telling the historic tales of Liuxia Ancient Street.

Zhongyi Bridge
Located in the middle part of ancient street and commonly known as the Great Bridge, Zhongyi Bridge was originally built in 1218 and is reputed as being the oldest arch stone bridge in Hangzhou’s existence. It is 18 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. Now, for its excellent location, it is used by the local people to air quilts.

Linci Bridge
In the north of an ancient street, there is Linci Bridge which has a length of 11 meters, a width of 2 meters and two couplets, one of which is on either side of the bridge. From the couplet in the south, we can tell that it was built after the other three bridges and was used to defend the town.

Qinchun Bridge

Nearly 50 meters away from the north of Zhongyi Bridge, Qinchun Bridge is also named Tiancaomiao Bridge after the Tiancao Temple beside it. It used to be 13 meters long and 3 meters wide, but for the convenience of the pass of the shallows, it has been widened to form a characteristic of three lanes.

Yichun Bridge
Located at the south of ancient street and commonly known as the Little Bridge, Yinchun Bridge was reconstructed in 1763 when Emperor Qianlong was in power. It has a total length of 15 meters and a width of 1.8 meters, which is dedicated to 13 glass steps, connecting Chashi Street (Tea Market Street) to Liuxia Ancient Street.

Once you step onto the ancient street, what will impress you the most are the rows upon rows of ancient stores, such as the antique shops, liquor stores, clothes’ stores, and as you ramble here and there, you will find yourselves immersed in antiquity.

Leisure time

Strolling around the historical cultural block is quite a leisurely experience. In the middle of the blue flagstone street is a row of ancient antique stores, where you can buy one or two antiques to take home. If you are tired of fast food, then you should not miss the exquisite food in Liuxia Ancient Town. The perfect setting to gather some friends, brew a cup of fragrant tea, and try some delicious foods.

The typical Jiangnan Scenery

When you stay in Liuxia Ancient Street, the first thing you might fall in love with is the water, which is the spirit of the ancient town. The green water gently flows past the silent banks and stone bridges, making it a truly harmonious place.