Five Local Snacks to Warm You Up this Winter

In winter when the damp rainy weather permeates the air, Hangzhou can get extremely cold, but don’t fret as this city is home to some very nutritious snacks, and some of which can warm the coldest of hearts.

Soybean Milk

For those who work in Hangzhou, a cup of hot soybean milk is a necessary kickstart to any chilly morning. As soon as you take a sip, you will feel warm and energetic inside, especially the Youbu Soybean Milk, which can be found at Chenghuang Archway. The proprietress comes from Youbu Ancient Town, Jinhua, where the soybean milk is well-renowned, and watching her scoop a spoon of hot soybean milk and drop it into a bowl from a height of approx. 50 centimeters, without any splashes, is mouth-watering.

Recommended restaurant: Youbu Soybean Milk
Address: 108 Chenghuang Archway, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
Hours: 05:00 –13:00 every day

Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)

As the weather gets colder and colder, Tangyuan becomes more and more popular and people in southern China have always been accustomed in winter to gather together and eat it. Tangyuan, enveloped with the polished glutinous rice, is so soft that it easily melts in the mouth. Once the crust is broken, the filling gently oozes out and, in doing so, warms all number of people’s hearts. In terms of the most special Tangyuan in Hangzhou, the Tangyuan Shop “Liyu And His Liang Tou Wu” cannot be missed. The Tangyuan Shop is specialized in making the authentic Lanxi Tofu Tangyuan, which is different from other Tangyuan with a little tail, resembling a tadpole. Lanxi Tofu Tangyuan uses only the local Lu Shui Tofu (this kind of Tofu is made by using brine) in Lanxi. After being boiled in the hot water, the well-done Tangyuan is smooth and elastic and one can even sense the Tongfu melt in one’s mouth, which is surely an unforgettable experience.

Recommended restaurant: Liyu And His Liangtouwu
Address: 416 Fengqi Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Hours: 10:00 –21:00 every day

Fried Plain Bun

As soon as a pot of fried plain buns is ready, the smell is delivered far and wide and any cold is immediately driven away as your mouth touches the steaming hot creations. In Hangzhou, there is a restaurant called Laoqi Fried Plain Bun, which makes fried buns by hand and its fillings are personally selected by the owner. These buns are reputed throughout as being the best buns in town.

Recommended restaurant: Laoqi Fried Plain Bun
Address: 11 Jiacheng Lane

Niangao (New Year Cake)]

In Hangzhou, before the Spring Festival, Niangao Festival is held in Outer Tongwu Village, where the custom of making the new year cake is well preserved. At that time, many people from downtown Hangzhou come to taste the free cake and nearly one hundred kilograms of rice is consumed in one day. In Outer Tongwu Village, the cake is made of polished glutinous rice at a ratio of 4:1 so it tastes particularly sticky and chewy. Eating it before the Spring Festival also contains a good wish for the following year.


When a bowl of steaming wonton is placed in front of you, you will notice chopped spring onions, nori, dried small shrimps and so on, which are added into the dumplings, making them all-the-more attractive. There are only a few tasty dumpling restaurants in Hangzhou and Yinhua Dumpling Restaurant is one of them. It is a time-honored restaurant with a history of more than 20 years, and a steady number of consumers, of whom all are dedicated to the freshly made creations.

Recommended restaurant: Drum Tower Yinhua Authentic Wonton Restaurant
Address: Huaguang Road, Qinghefang, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
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