Metro Line 4 -Keeping You on Track of the Highlights of Hangzhou

Just recently, the southern section of Hangzhou’s Metro Line 4 was put into trial operation. It is spacious and bright, and inside verdant landscapes are depicted throughout. Nanxing Bridge Station is the prettiest where the design elements are formed of leaf and vein prints of the Phoenix tree, even the seats are covered with ubiquitous landscape prints.

In Hangzhou’s Metro Line 4, you can pass through the gates in a flash and not only by swiping your travel card or citizen card, but you can also use your Alipay or Union Pay card. How convenient is that!

Hangzhou Metro Line 4 starts from Puyan Station, in Binjiang District, and ends at Jinjiang Station which is the terminus of the first opened section. It has 8 stations, such as Puyan, Yangjiadun, Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Lianzhuang, Shuicheng Bridge, Fuxing Road, Nanxing Bridge and Yongjiang Road. It takes about 20 minutes to travel the whole eight stations.

So, to keep you on track of some of the highlights of Hangzhou – then simply step aboard…

Yongjiang Road Station 甬江路站

Location: Yongjiang Road Station is situated at the intersection of Fuchun Road and Yongjiang Road in Uptown District.

In 2018, Hangzhou will usher in the World Short Course Swimming Championships and in 2022, it will host the Asian Games. There are basketball courts, a water polo gym and roller skate gym, and all of which can be found at the intersection of Qianjiang Road and Houchao Road, near Exit A of Yongjiang Station. The Uptown District Sports Center, which will be completed in 2019, is going to become a first-class sports center integrating sports, culture and leisure.

Shuicheng Bridge Station 水澄桥站

Location: Shuicheng Bridge Station is located at the intersection of Shuicheng Road and Nanfu Road, closely adjacent to the internet popular “Eight-Diagram Field” and “White Pagoda Park”.

Eight-Diagram Field
The most beautiful rape flowers in Hangzhou’s downtown area bloom in the Eight-Diagram Field. Small as it is, in a corner of the city, its beauty is endless. Every year in mid-March, when rape flowers come into full bloom, taking pictures in the Eight-Diagram Field becomes a standard practice for Wechat users, and wedding couples are also known to frequent the field to capture their most treasured moments.

White Pagoda Park
People who have been to the White Pagoda Park may prefer to call it Green Train Park or Hangzhou Old Train Park, for the reason that two obsolete Jiangshu train tracks, of more than 100 years old, are retained in the park.

You can walk through the park from east to west along the tracks and there is also a tour and sightseeing train which costs 20 RMB per person. The locomotive will erupt wisps of steam and the platform will jingle when the train pulls in, just as it did in the olden days.

The White Pagoda Park is also another wonderful place for photography.

Traditional Chinese Medicine University Station 中医药大学站

Traditional Chinese Medicine University Station is Hangzhou’s first metro station named after a university. It is situated at the intersection of Puyan Road and Dongxin Avenue, and eventually will be the transfer station of Subway Line 4 and Line 6. Its nearby area is dedicated to a number of educational establishments such as the Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Zhejiang Police College, Zhejiang Electromechanical Technology College, Zhejiang Art Professional College, Hangzhou Medical College and so on.

Yangjiadun Station 杨家墩站

The opening of Subway Line 4’s southern section has provided convenience for going to “Trash Street”, a famous food street in Hangzhou!

Just a few meters ahead of the station, “Trash Street” (Yangjiadun Business Street), is a paradise for foodies, and the most-visited place by nearby college students. Every year, after millions of students graduate from Binjiang Higher Education Area, they still reminisce about this place, and often many come back to cherish the memories of their youth. Other people are simply attracted by its reputation.

In 2016, “Trash Street” was upgraded and renovated and for those who knew it well, it is still the place to come if you are a foodie fan.