In Jiande Hides a Graceful Winter

Winter is a wonderful season to explore, and taking a bicycle to travel around Jiande City of Hangzhou is one way of uncovering nature’s coolest surroundings. To discover Jiande, then the following tour should be at the top of any sight-seeing agenda: Xinpeng Village–Xiaogudong Village–Hucenfan Village–Ganxi Village–Genglou Village–Meiping Village–Xin’an River.

Xinpeng Village (新蓬)

Legend has it that more than one hundred years ago after the Taiping Rebellion, some immigrants from Jiangxi Province moved here for its abundance in water resources.

Here, the water gently flows from Taowu to Jiangcunbu and finally to the Xin’an River, making Xinpeng a colorful oil painting. Even in winter, cycling in Xinpeng is a refreshing experience, and the scenery which is dyed in many colors can help get rid of any winter ailments

Xiaogudong Village (小古栋)

Xiaogudong is an excellent place for feeling nature’s gentle breeze. Here, the air permeates a uniquely fresh fragrance of orange blossom whilst the surrounding scenery oozes in charm.  This is a place that really hits all the senses.

Hucenfan Village (湖岑畈)

Hucen Village, situated at the mouth of Dragon Creek, was a great village in a low-lying land. Surrounded by fields, it had had a great vulnerability for floods before it moved to other places. Gradually, the real Hucen Village naturally became desolated and the Hucenfan Village was expanded. In the center of the village, and facing the Huangdong Mountain in the east, there is an ancestral hall which moved here from the original Hucen Village.

There used to be a temple at the entrance of the village, which was reconstructed to a school. Now, it is the official residence of the Hucenfan Village Committee. In the front of the temple stands a well that boasts clear water, which is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and the local people used to use it to make cool jelly to please the guests in the summer. Though the well has been plugged and the fresh water is constrained, it has become a beautiful landscape and a comfortable leisure place for sight-seeing.

Ganxi Village (甘溪)

Since the settlement of the six brothers of the Family Fang, Ganxi Village started its more-than-nine-hundred-year history and gained its name from the river, Ganxi River, which flows through the village. Later, the brothers set up an ancestral hall here to commemorate their ancestors.
Despite the damage made during the Taiping Rebellion, Ganxi Village has managed to retain the Family Fang’s building along with their delicate sculptures, which is rare in Hangzhou. In the ancestral hall, there is a theater pavilion and an ancient well telling the past prosperity of the village.

Genglou (更楼)

Genglou is a great town in the Shouchang River Basin where the local people can be divided into two: one as businessmen for the booming trade and the other for the rowers who live for the Shouchang River.

Because of the low tide, no other transportation other than bamboo rowing boats can be used, and if time permits, then you can stay for sunset which is extraordinarily beautiful.

Meiping (梅坪)

Meiping is a pleasant place for cycling and is full of the natural elements. Here, the river has been painted in the same hue as the sky.

Xin’an River (新安江)

Xin’an River is full of sunshine and blue skies. Arriving here, you will find that life is ordinary but exceptionally wonderful.