Plum Blossom Once Again Bursts into Bloom…

Recently, all the plum blossom in Lingfeng Peak, has burst into bloom. Compared to other plants in chilly winter, the plum blossom welcomes this season as its best time of the year. To appreciate this floral delight then don’t forget to visit the following four places in Hangzhou.

Lingfeng Peak Enjoying Over 5000 Plum Blossoms

Speaking of the best place in which to view plum blossom, the Lingfeng Peak situated at the bank of the West Lake is the place. Lingfeng Peak covers an area of over 200 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) and is home to over 5000 plum trees of abundant species. The 200-sq meter platform called Yao Tai, half way up the peak, is the best vintage point in which to view this winter spectacular.

Address: in the Hangzhou Botanic Garden, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Chaoshan Hill: Listening to Opera While Viewing Plum Blossoms

Chaoshan Hill in Yuhang District is also a wonderful choice for viewing plum blossom in Hangzhou. It is reputed as one of the Three Best Plum Blossom Viewing Places in Jiangnan Region. Chaoshan Hill covers an area of 2000 m and grows over 50000 plum blossoms, and what’s also worth mentioning is the two ancient plum trees inside the area date back to the Tang and Song dynasties.

In Chaoshsan Hill, the scenery of colorful plum blossom has become the natural backdrop for opera singers who perform right in front of you, adding some even more colorful notes to your plum blossom viewing experience.

Address: Xiaobai Line, Chaoshan Village, Tangqi Town, Yuhang District (near the Longchao Line)

Xixi National Wetland Park: Enjoying Plum Blossom on Water

If you wish to enjoy plum blossom on water, then there is no better place than Xixi National Wetland Park. Most of the plum trees in Xixi grow by the water and can be seen to be bending over the water surface just like the willow variety. The Xixi Plum Houses, and Plum and Bamboo Villa are the best places in Xixi to view plum blossom, where over 300 species and 20,000 plum blossoms bloom.

Address: 518 Tianmushan Road, Liuxia Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Solitary Hill: Plum Blossom on One Side and Water on the Other

If historical origins and cultural connotations are more of your thing, then Solitary Hill inside the West Lake is the place to be. It’s believed that as early as the Tang Dynasty, the plum blossom along the Solitary Hill already gained its reputation. The area around the Fanghe Pavilion (放鹤亭) at the northern foot of the Solitary Hill is the gathering place of plum blossom, which stretches for over one hundred meters along the undulating slope.

Address: 3 North Gushan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou
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