Tonglu in Hangzhou, the National Civilized City

Just recently, Tonglu County of Hangzhou City has been granted the title of “National Civilized City”, and it is the first county in Hangzhou to receive such an honor. “National Civilized City” is the highest award in the comprehensive appraisal of a city and the most valued city brand.

In Tonglu, there is no such a thing as traffic congestion, for roads in Tonglu are broad and reasonably arranged for different vehicles. All public buses cost only 1 RMB. Every Village in Tonglu has special dining facilities for its elders which are financially sponsored by the government, and all Tonglu primary and junior high school students can enjoy free lunches.

Besides, Tonglu has enchanting scenery and after seeing it, visitors are reluctant to leave.

Yaolin Wonderland – No. 1 Cave in China 

Yaolin Wonderland is a typical example of sub-tropical karst caves found in the middle part of East China’s coastal area, and is a national-level scenic area, rarely seen in the world. Yaolin Wonderland is large in scale and requires at least one to two hours to tour.

Address: Yaolin Town, Tonglu County (桐庐县瑶琳镇)
Ticket: 100 RMB
Opening Hours: 08:00-16:00

Heavenly River and Cave (垂云通天河) 

Heavenly River and Cave is an underground karst river with many stalactites and forms a typical karst cave landscape. The current in the entrance of the cave is rapid and is only accessible by boat. The inside of the cave magically maintains a constant temperature in all four seasons.

Address: Donglin Village, Yaolin Town, Tonglu County (桐庐县瑶琳镇东琳村)
Ticket: 65 RMB
Opening Hours: 08:00-16:30

Daqishan National Forest Park (大奇山国家森林公园) 

Daqishan Nataional Forest Park is at the banks of Fuchun River and is like a valley located in a Jiangnan water town. At the mountaintop, there is a big waterfall with crystal-clear waters where fish can clearly be seen to swim freely.

Address: Daqishan Mountain, Tonglu County (桐庐县大奇山)
Ticket: 50 RMB
Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:00

Shen’ao Ancient Village (深澳古村) 

Shen’ao Village is perhaps the most comfortable of all villages to visit. The ancient village is said to have been built on water. Everyone who visits this place is amazed by its ancient residential houses as well as its underground water system. The village, rich in preserved ancient architecture, is free of crowds and is less commercialized compared to other ancient villages.

Address: Shen’ao Village, Tonglu County (桐庐县深澳村)
Ticket: free
Opening Hours: all day