Have it All in Jiande

To most people, Jiande in Hangzhou is an aerial town with a great natural environment that is home to many characteristic B&B’s and healthy hot springs but, in fact, Jiande has a lot more to offer than that.
Jiande City, Hangzhou

Crystal-clear water, cool breeze and wondrous fog

Jiande springs to mind when you mention the construction of the Xin’an River Hydropower Station in the 1950s. The fishing village, back then, only had a handful of families but now it has developed into one of China’s outstanding tourism cities. Water is the soul of Jiande and is the most precious resource of the city. The water in Xin’an River maintains a stable temperature from 14 to 17 degrees Celsius all year round, which creates the three wonders of Jiande: crystal-clear water, cool breeze and wondrous fog.

On these warm waters, a lot of travel activities have been conducted such as the C9 College Dragon Boat Competition, the “Winter Swim in Summer Days” Challenge Match, and the Undergraduates Sailboat Competition. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air in Jiande is above 30,000 every cubic centimeter and Jiande is also home to the Jade Hot Spring which boasts many micro-elements beneficial to the human body, so a visit to Jiande is by far a healthy one!

Parachuting and Cycling

Earlier this July, the first high-altitude parachuting project in Eastern China was initiated in Qiandaohu general airport, inside Jiande Aerial Town. Just like the automobile park in the town, the high-altitude parachuting project aims to provide all tourists with a unique Jiande traveling experience.

Besides the fashionable parachuting project, tourists can also be engaged in a series of old-fashioned activities such as steering a wheelbarrow and making tofu in Xinye Ancient Town, enjoying the thousand-layered rice terraces in Xuling and cycling or hiking in the most beautiful greenway area of Xin’an River, Fuchun River and Qiantang River.

At the Foot of the Mountain or at the Bank of the River

In Jiande, there are not only traditional tourist attractions, but there is also a new tourist industry of its own style and abundant village tourist resources. Besides the boutique B&Bs resting at the foot of Daci Cliff, the vegetable and fruit parks that represent the villages tourism also share part of the foot of the Mountain of Jiande.

Besides the many tourism projects available at the banks of Xin’an River, the most beautiful greenway of Zhejiang is currently carried out along the riverbank and the construction of riverside high-end hotel groups and dining boats are also planned to give tourists, in Jiande, a chance to be closer to the river.