Hot Spring – A Cold Day’s Best Companion

As we are in mid-November, Hangzhou has gradually entered its phase of colder days. So, during a chilly moment, why don’t you visit a hot spring and soak up the most enchanting scenery whilst soothing your mind, body and soul with the warm and healthy springs.

Hangzhou Yunman Hot Spring 云曼温泉

For those living in Hangzhou, the most convenient hot spring is the Yunman Hot Spring inside the No. 1 World Hotel near Hangzhou Paradise Park, which is easily accessible by way of the subway. Yunman Hot Spring is of the hydrocarbonate kind and has been tested and authenticated by national authorities as a medical hot spring with low sodium radon.

Currently, there are four zones in Yunman Hot Spring, with the Rain Forest Bubble zone being the largest and offering functions such as producing bubbles and massages. The Original Hot Spring offers original hot spring water without any additions and focuses on the special functions of the hot spring itself. In the zone of Xiang Ju Hua She, the hot spring has added flower elements, where the main function is to beautify the skin. The last zone, Tian Zhu Cao Tang is suitable for sub-health people with its added traditional Chinese medicines.

Address: 2555 Fengqing Avenue, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou (杭州市萧山区风情大道2555号)

Xin’an River • Jade Hot Spring 新安江玉温泉

Xinan River • Jade Hot Spring is the first high-quality natural sulfur hot spring in Zhejiang. The spring stems from 1406 meter below the earth and contains various kinds of microelements good to the human body.

Jade Hot Spring has over 70 indoor and outdoor characteristic hot spring pools with over 40 outdoor pools and over 20 VIP private rooms. The hot spring center has hot spring pools such as ice and fire pool, coffee pool, three flowers to beautify pool, traditional Chinese medicine pools, buoyant force massage pool, fish spa pool, and a fragrant pool.

After its expansion, the Xin’an River Jade Hot Spring has developed into a No. 1 one-stop destination infusing such functions as a reception, conference, travel, leisure, sports and holiday in Yangzte River Delta. It has facilities like hot springs, Southern Song Imperial Street, Western Characteristic Town, Forest Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, Sauna, Spa, and tennis courts.

Address: Shouchang Town, Xin’an River, Hangzhou (杭州新安江寿昌镇)

Lin’an Tuankou Hot Spring 临安湍口温泉

Lin’an Tuankou Hot Spring is also a high-end hot spring resort which opened in October 2013. The hot springs are situated among forests and mountains and boast a great natural environment, fresh air, verdant mountains, limpid waters and white clouds lingering over high peaks.

The hot spring is an underground natural hot spring with a history of over 1300 years and maintains a stable temperature from 29 to 33 degrees Celsius. The resort features a Balinese style architecture and is equipped with a massage area, movie hall, badminton court, chess, cards and mahjong area, children’s play area, and buffet.

Address: 188 Tuanquan Street, Tuankou Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou (杭州临安湍口镇湍泉街188号)