Horse Riding in Hangzhou

Horse riding was a common thing in ancient times, but with the development of modern-day transport, very few people have had the chance to experience this fun activity. Horse riding has many benefits, such as the excitement it offers, the bond built between you and the horse and the thrill of your ability to control and guide one of the world’s most beautiful creatures. To experience horse riding, here are a few places to try in Hangzhou.

No. 1 Hangzhou Yijun Riding Club (杭州易骏马术俱乐部)

Yijun Riding Clube

Hangzhou Yijun Riding Club is situated under Jiuhao Bridge. It is said the reason why the owner opened the Riding Club is to give his beloved horse a better living environment. Yijun, currently has the largest indoor horse ranch in Hangzhou which is 20 meters x 70 meters in size, it also has an outdoor horse ranch and a 40 meters x 70 meters outdoor grass area. All the breeds of horse here are of a high standard, some of which are for professional equestrian training. The riding club is equipped with a team of professional horse riding coaches, with the chief trainer, a top horse rider in China, hailing from the China National Equestrian Team.

Address: Under Jiubao Bridge, Hangzhou (杭州市九堡大桥下面)

No. 2 Junyuan Horse Ranch (骏园马场)

Junyuan Horse Ranch

Junyuan Horse Ranch is not known by many, so it is most suitable for those wanting a quiet and peaceful environment in which to ride. The horse ranch is located at Sandun Town, Xihu District, and covers an area of over 120 mu (1 mu equals 666 sq m). The horse ranch has two standard stables, a 2400 sq m obstacle course and a 1000-meter-long circle track as well as unique horse breeds such as a Serra France, Holsteiner and Arabian horse.

In addition, the horse ranch is furnished with other facilities like a high-end clubhouse, guestrooms, dining hall, open-air BBQ, conference room, angling zone, ecological farming park and a poultry farm. What’s also worth mentioning is the over 30-mu meadow packed with trees and flowers where one can gallop whilst enjoying the idyllic views and breathing in the fresher than fresh air.

Address: 57 Nvxu Bridge, Jihong Community, Caoxie Bridge, Sandun Town (三墩镇草鞋桥吉鸿社区女婿桥57号)

No. 3 Hangzhou Xianghu Riding Club(杭州湘湖马术俱乐部)

Xianghu Riding Club

Xianghu Riding Club, situated inside Xiaoshan District, most recently opened in Hangzhou. The Riding Club covers an area of over 100,000 sq m with the construction area dedicated to 3000 sq m of land which is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The Riding Club boasts a great environment and unique design, and is a high-end Riding Club built to international standards. The club has combined functions of horse riding, equestrian training, teenager equestrian training, equestrian summer camp, horse riding competitions, horseback wedding photos shooting, and leisure and business activities.

Address: Yuezhu Village, Jinhua Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou (杭州萧山区进化镇岳驻村)