Some of Autumn’s Best Views…

Day by Day, Hangzhou becomes more colorful, and with red maple leaves, snow-white reed catkins, stunning sequoia and golden yellow gingko leaves, it is no wonder Hangzhou has some of the best views this autumn.

Golden Yellow Gingko Leaves

Wuyun Mountain (五云山)
To view gingko in Hangzhou, the gingko tree that guards the front of the old site of Zhenji Temple (真迹寺) is the one not to be missed. Besides its golden yellow leaves shining in the sun, it is the oldest tree in Hangzhou.

Zhaohui Park (朝晖公园)
There are many places in which to view gingko trees in downtown Hangzhou, such as Zhaohui Park and Hangzhou Botanical Garden. Inside Zhaohui Park, there is a 600-meter-long gingko tree characteristic forest containing over 300 gingko trees. The forest is golden yellow with gingko leaves hanging high in the branches and carpeting the ground and extremely suitable for a photo or two.

Snow-white Reed Catkins

Xixi National Wetland Park
Speaking of the most famous reed-catkin viewing places in Hangzhou, Xixi is no doubt the best place, especially the Qiuxue (autumn snow) Temple where, whenever the wind blows, snow white reed catkins appear to be dancing in the sky, covering the banks and water of the creeks, and forming a world of pure snow-like whiteness.

Golden Yellow Maple Leaves

Flower Pond Park and Hangzhou Botanical Garden
There are nearly sixty maple trees in the park’s peony garden. Hangzhou Botanical Garden has even more maple trees. By entering from the northern entrance to the maple tree and azalea garden, visitors will be able to feast their eyes on more than ten kinds of maple tree, all of which have been painted red by autumn’s brush.

Graceful Sequoia

Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Meijiawu Village and Hupao Park
The crown of the sequoia trees is its cone-like shape. With an elegant shape, and golden foliage in autumn, sequoia trees are the renowned yard species. There is a large area of 200 sequoia in Hangzhou Botanical Garden and the number of sequoia in Meijiawu Village and Hupao Park is also more than a few. Whenever autumn arrives, the ground is covered in a mix of brown dotted with some fallen flame-red maple leaves, and all of which resembles a fine oil painting.
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