Six Seasonal Sights…

As Hangzhou steps into the period of late autumn, we warmly welcome the season's colorful views such as the flame-red maple leaves that carpet the ground, the snow-white reed catkins that fly through the sky, and the fragrant osmanthus that permeates the air … To view six of the city’s seasonal views then let’s visit the following places …

Nine Creeks Meandering Through the Misty Forest

The water in Nine Creeks is crystal clear and whenever the season, people come here to take photos. However, it’s the views in Nine Creeks, in autumn, that are the most dazzling. It’s the pine needles dropping down from the pine trees, the sequoia turning taupe and a mass of colorful leaves that makes autumn in Nine Creeks all the more unearthly beautiful.

Bus stop: Nine Creeks (九溪: jiu xi)

Maojiabu Village

The houses in Maojiabu Village are all white-walled and black-tiled, and residents here are leisurely and carefree. There are B&Bs where visitors can enjoy farm-flavored dishes and the autumn views consisting of flowing rivers, colorful hills, large areas of tea gardens and fresher than fresh air.

Bus stop: Dingjia Mountain Scenic Area (丁家山景区: ding jia shan jing qu)

Xixi National Wetland Park

When the 200-mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) reed catkins are in full bloom, the whole of Xixi National Wetland Park resembles a painting themed on autumn views of a water town. With flame-red persimmons hanging high in the trees, it is hard to miss this season’s best picks.

Bus stop: Hongyuan Garden (洪园: hong yuan)

Northern Peak

If you want to climb Northern Peak, the recommended route is the entrance on Xixi Road. On the way, you can also visit Fahua Temple and at the mountaintop, looking down, you will see the entire city is enveloped in clouds and mist.

Bus stop: Lao Dong Yue (老东岳: lao dong yue)

Ganling Reservoir (甘岭水库)

Ganling Reservoir in Yuhang is near to Hangzhou downtown but is a wonderland known by few. The view of glittering water in the reservoir set off by the golden background and flame-red maple leaves, is like a real-life oil painting.

Changleji Town

Walk through a verdant bamboo forest towards the red carpet of leaves in the Changle Forest Farm area and you will be greeted by a colorful world where maple leaves drop from the trees and twirl in the wind like colorful butterflies in fairyland.

Self-drive: City Highway ->Hangchang Highway->Exit of Jingshan ->207 Provincial Road->Changleji Town