Ride along with Scenic Views

In recent years, Yunxi Town in Hangzhou is perhaps one of the most talked-about towns. It is an ecological gathering place of cloud computing industries. With the famous Yunxi Town as its terminal stop, the No. 121 bus offers passengers the chance to ride along with scenic views.

Bus stop: Lingyin East (灵隐东: ling yin dong)

Lingyin Temple, one of the oldest temples in Hangzhou, was originally built in the year of 326 during the Eastern Jin Dynasty.  With a history of over 1700 years, it is one of the most renowned Buddhist temples in China, and in 2007 it was selected as one of the Top Ten Views of the West Lake. Lingyin Temple backs onto Northern Peak and faces the Peak Flying From Afar. Guarded by two peaks and flanked by towering trees, the temple is enveloped by clouds and mists on rainy days.

Address: 1 Fayun Lane, Lingyin Road (灵隐路法云弄1号)
Admission Fee: Peak Flying from Afar: 45 RMB; Lingyin Temple: 30 RMB

Bus stop: Upper Tianzhu (上天竺: shang tian zhu)

Hangzhou’s Tianzhu Mountain has three famous temples, known in the olden times as “Three Temples at Tianzhu (Upper Tianzhu Temple, Middle Tianzhu Temple and Lower Tianzhu Temple)” Later, these temples were renamed by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty as Faxi Temple (法喜寺), Fajing Temple (法净寺) and Fajing Temple (法镜寺). Three Temples at Tianzhu is hidden deep in the forest and valley, they are adjacent to one another and all share the same fate, history, and religious view. They were, in ancient times, reputed as the “Tianzhu Buddhist Center”.

Address and Admission Fee:
Fajing Temple (法镜寺): 66 Tianzhu Road, 10 RMB;
Fajing Temple (法净寺): 388 Tianzhu Road, free;
Faxi Temple (法喜寺): 338 Tianzhu Road, 10 RMB.

Bus stop: Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi

Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi lies at the western foot of Wuyun Mountain and it’s said that in ancient times clouds would fly from the mountain and linger over the place, hence its name “Yunqi (clouds linger on)”. Yunqi has four highlights, which are “bamboo, tree, cloud and creek.” In the over 200-mu bamboo forest, a long path which is flanked by straight bamboo trees winds its way into the distance. Creeks flow along the path, making delightful gurgling sounds. Besides the straight and lush green bamboo, there are many towering ancient trees with the century-old ones as high as ten meters.

Address: 8 Meiling South Road (梅灵南路8号)
Admission Fee: 8 RMB

Bus stop: Song Dynasty Town (宋城: song cheng)

Here is like stepping back in time. There are many history-related amusement facilities and activities to entertain you including the Song Dynasty Culture Experience Museum, Spooky House themed on Liaozhai (Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, a famous Qing Dynasty novel) . The one thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Song Dynasty Town is the “Romance of Song Dynasty”, which is the signature performance of Hangzhou and is said to be one of the most famous performances in the world along with “Moulin Rouge” in Paris, and “O Show” in Las Vegas.

Address: 148 Zhijiang Road (之江路148 号)
Admission Fee: 300 RMB /310 RMB /480 RMB (including admission fee for Song Dynasty Town and performance of Romance of Song Dynaty)

Bus stop: Yunxi Town (云栖小镇: yun xi xiao zhen)

Yunxi Town is situated at the southern part of Xihu District, the core area of Hangzhou Zhijiang National Tourist Resort and it is one of the ten exemplary characteristic towns first created by Zhejiang province.

Address: beside Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee School, Kehai Road (科海路)