A Taste of Local Flavors

Most people who have tasted Hangzhou Cuisine (Hang Bang Cai) know that they are a fusion of flavors from southern and northern China. The flavors arise from the perfect combination of sweet and savory ingredients, but are, however, not as sweet as Suzhou Cuisine, nor as oily as Shanghai Cuisine.

The most popular restaurants that serve authentic Hangzhou Cuisine are Grandma’s Kitchen and Xin Bai Lu … For the fame, these places are always crowded and usually require hours of queuing. If you want to skip the queuing part, then you can always try the following restaurants whose dishes are also a great representative of Hang Bang Cai but are most importantly less crowded.

Xin Zhou Ji (新周记)

Xin Zhou Ji - A Taste of Local Flavors

Zhou Ji is a word-of-mouth restaurant run by a Hangzhou local. It used to be a shabby shop located near Drum Tower and is known for its Hangzhou dishes favored by locals. The old brand has accumulated a stable source of customers and a word-of-mouth fame, trying to pass on the Hangzhou taste to more and more people.

Address: 1st floor, 87 West Wensan Road (文三西路87号1楼)

Ye Ma Tea House (叶马茶楼)

Ye Ma Tea House - A Taste of Local Flavors

Ye Ma Tea House, although it is named as a teahouse, it is in fact a low-profile restaurant serving exquisite Hangzhou dishes. It is located at the northern bank of Qiantang River, right at the foot of the Pagoda of Six Harmonies. The restaurant is small, and at a relatively high price serves the most mouth-watering dishes. A lot of people travel far to taste its authenticity.

Address: beside the parking lot of the Pagoda of Six Harmonies, 92, Zhijiang Road (之江路92号六和塔停车场旁)

Zhao Feng Nian Jian (灶丰年间)

Zhao Feng Nian Jian - A Taste of Local Flavors

Zhao Feng Nian Jian is set in a serene and elegant environment and offers a wealth of delicious dishes. The dishes served in the restaurant are authentic and local, and with each mouthful brings with it a taste of home.

Address: 51-1 Xia Manjuelong Village (下满觉陇51-1号)

Yi Jia Xian (伊家鲜)

Yi Jia Xian - A Taste of Local Flavors

Whilst Yi Jia Xian is relatively expensive compared to the branch of restaurants such as Grandma’s Kitchen, you can surely say it’s worth your every penny. Most of its dishes find favor with guests, especially the specialty, roast duck.

Address: 221, Baochu Road (保淑路221号)