Autumnal Fun in Hangzhou

As autumn is the time for harvest, we have picked for you some of the best places in Hangzhou in which to enjoy this season of scenic delights and generous giving of nature.

Xiaoshan District 萧山区

Xiaoshan District is the southern gate of Hangzhou. The “Kuahuqiao (Cross-Lake Bridge) Culture”, inside its border, is a historical relic dated over 8000 years old and with the Qiantang River passing through the area, this makes the place all majestic and up-to-date.

Fengwu Dreamlike Village Outdoor Center (凤坞梦幻村户外基地)
The center focuses on providing services such as child-parent tours, team building and youth education for all-round development. It is equipped with over 10,000 sq m of lawn with outward bound activity facilities and professional trainers. From now until November 1st, the center is holding an outdoor outward-bound festival where a wealth of challenging activities awaits.

Address: 411 Fengwu Village, Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区河上镇凤坞村411号)
Tel: +86 571 82450712
Outward bound activities: original price: 120 RMB per person; 20 percent off with an additional lunch picnic during the festival;
BBQ: starting from 38 RMB per person.

Daicun National Hiking Trail (戴村国家登山健身步道)
Daicun National Hiking Trail is 80 kilometers in length. The main trail, 50 kilometers, winds its way up the mountain and consists of a main route, several branches and descending routes. The whole trail resembles a lotus leave.

Address: Daicun Town, Xiaoshan District
How to get there: take bus No. 410 to the bus stop of Yunshi (云石: yun shi); or take bus No. 737 to the bus stop of Yunshi Bridge (云石桥: yun shi qiao).

Yuhang District 余杭区

This used to be the site of the Liangzhu Ancient City, and in its 5000-year history the beauty of the place hasn’t disappeared with time, instead, the culture it has accumulated has bestowed Yuhang with more than just picturesque scenery.

Xixi National Wetland Park •Hongyuan Garden 西溪洪园
Currently, flame-red persimmons are hanging heavily on the trees in Xixi National Wetland Park. The persimmons in Hongyuan Garden are entirely natural, and both pollution and chemical-free. Here, visitors can enjoy the special fun of fruit picking, tasting and other persimmon-related activities.

Address: +86 571 89081133
Ticket: 80 RMB per person in October

Tangqi Ancient Town 塘栖古镇

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal flows through the town with its banks dominated by quaint old residential houses. Where the canal flows, there are always ancient bridges to connect the banks, making the town all-the-more Jiangnan style. The Tangqi Ancient Town ranks first in the “Top Ten Famous Towns in the Jiangnan Region.”

Fuyang District 富阳区

When autumn dyes its color on Fuchun River, Fuyang begins to show its true colors so, a trip to Fuyang, in autumn, is every minute worth waiting for.

Ginkgo Trees in Yangjia Village (杨家银杏)
Yangjia Village is located at Wanshi Town. In the village, there are over 1300 ancient ginkgo trees all aged over 100 with the eldest one as old as some 1000 years. Full of golden fallen leaves … whenever it’s autumn, a constant stream of tourists, shutterbugs, painters and calligraphers frequent here for its fame to photograph, travel or experience the quiet, leisurely and poetic rural life.

Every autumn, the event of “Autumn of Golden Ginkgo” in Wanshi Town prepares visitors with a lot of local products, such as dried bamboo shoots, Chinese torreya, dried sweet potato, frozen sugared rice cake, home-brewed wine as well the areas specialty, ginkgo.

Address: Yangjia Village, Wanshi Town, Fuyang District, Hangzhou (杭州市富阳区万市镇杨家村)

Huang Gongwang Characteristic Town (黄公望风情小镇)

Most local villagers in the town make a living by agritainment, farm-based entertainment. This village is characterized by bamboo buildings, thatched pavilions and wooden corridors in a literary atmosphere. In autumn, when the village hosts the persimmon festival, flame-red persimmons with delicate skins, and succulent taste, can be seen hanging heavily on the branches.

Currently, there are 16 agritainment facilities and nine farmhouses all of which provide visitors with services from accommodation to dining. Locals also call the place Huang Gongwang Characteristic Town as it is a good place for dining, leisure, sight-seeing, as well as experiencing Chinese agriculture activities such as picking persimmons, making Nian Gao (a glutinous cake eaten during Chinese New Year) and operating a waterwheel.

Address: 33 Huanggongwang Road, Huanggongwang Village, Dongzhou Street (东洲街道黄公望村黄公望路33号)
Telephone: +86 571 63460660
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