Tour Around Hangzhou this Autumn

Now is the perfect time to tour Longwu Tea Village in Hangzhou, the weather is cool, the breeze has blown away the clouds, and the heat left from summer has finally disappeared.

Longwu Tea Village


Free yourselves in Xishan National Forest Park, where the mountain is hidden in the heavy shadows of the trees, and refreshing winds gently breeze the heat away. On the mountain, you can walk beside the babbling streams and seek a good place near a green reservoir to enjoy a picnic or two.
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Visiting Magnificent rocks in Lingshan and Fengshui Caves

Along the winding tourist routes, you will discover magnificent karst landscapes, ancient traces on stone walls, and the precious “Yunquan (Cloud and Spring) Lingdong (Cave)” seal inscription of the Song Dynasty. Buddhist chants echoing in the ears make the world seem peaceful, and standing here what you most want to do is pray for a better future.

Appreciating waterscape

Here, the wild ducks have fun in the clear White Dragon Pool, and the dragonflies of waterfalls buzz happily among the mountains. Walking along the path in mid-air, you can indulge yourselves in the greens of mountains as well as marvel at the steep cliff that is more than one thousand zhang (1 zhang roughly equals 3.33 meters) over the deep pond.

Leisurely cycling

Green mountains, peasant families, tea gardens, reservoirs, all form an idyllic rural picture, where cycling is an idyllic experience. Along the cycling path, you will feel the continuous caress of the mountain breeze, peering in between casual clouds to appreciate the variable scenery.


White Dragon Pool is a good place to temper children’s minds. At the same time, the beautiful scenery and the fun of fishing can also not be missed.

Outdoor Bound Training

Daqing Valley is a hidden paradise, where outdoor family bound training is provided to improve children’s intelligence and physical strength. Children, who are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, need to get in touch with nature to listen to the most moving sounds of insects and see the starry sky at night.

Culture and Art

Take children to Waitongwu Village, the art town, to broaden their creativity.

Dancing Classes
Dance is an activity that improves physical coordinative skills and temperament, thus raising a child’s confidence.

Traditional Chinese Culture Classes
Have your children feel the charms of traditional Chinese culture in the Culture Hall, where chanting classics and learning traditional Chinese culture and ancient Chinese civilization pastimes like Guqin, chess, calligraphy and painting are aplenty.


Photography can help broaden the world in children’s eyes and improve their observation abilities.

Every happy childhood must contain some mud which, in the form of pottery, inspires children’s great imaginations and improves their creative abilities.

Weekends are precious but the tour in Longwu is definitely worthwhile.