Dining through Scanning Faces…

Have you ever imagined dining without money, passwords, or even a mobile phone? On September 1st, Yum China Holdings, Inc. launched a new restaurant, KPRO, in Hangzhou which is the first restaurant to apply a new method of payment in the form of scanning your face.
Hangzhou High-Tech Restaurant – KPRO

The style of Greenhouse and the fresh cooking of global ingredients

If KFC is a national brand attracting all ages, then KPRO targets white-collar workers in Hangzhou who like to dine out in style. As the sub-brand of KFC owned by the Yum, KPRO first made its transparent and warm debut in Hangzhou’s Mix City, where green plants and rustic wooden tables warmly welcomed the eagerly awaited customers.
“Putting forward the concept of KPRO excites us very much. For the young generation of customers who are keen on new tastes and technologies, KPRO is an excellent choice,” said Qu Cuirong, the CEO and COO of the Yum China, “KPRO tails the innovative, fresh, seasonal delicacies for the fast-growing white-collar workers, and at the same time, tries to bring more convenience to customers, for example, applying digital technologies.”

KPRO provides a wealth of fresh dishes, such as salads and Panini, roast chicken, fresh juice, freshly ground coffee, draught beers and Hokkaido ice cream. All the ingredients are sourced from all over the world, and the menu is adjusted to suit the different seasons. Take salad for example. At present, summer flavors are seen in its Mango Vegetable Salad, Italian Pesto Shrimp Pasta Salad, Quinoa Corn Salad and Japanese Style Salad. All salads can be adjusted to suit one’s taste.

No mobile phone, and only faces: This is a high-tech restaurant.

Besides the abundance of fresh food, dining through scanning faces is the real attraction. KPRO introduced Alipay’s advanced technology, “Smile to Pay”, which made its first debut at the Germany Hanover Fair. Here, customers do not have to take wallets, enter passwords or scan a QR code to finish the payment. Even if your phone is powered off or forgotten, the dining and the payment can keep going on.

“Yum China has been exploring the innovation application technology and improving the dining experience. That is why we choose to cooperate with it and trial this advanced technology. ‘Smile to Pay’ can help take the convenience of dining to a new level.” Said Chen Jidong, the leader of the Ant Financial Biometric Technology.

“New designs, fresh tastes and modern technologies are what is needed for KFC to survive in China,” Said Johnson Huang, the general manager of KFC, “we are pleased to cooperate with Alipay in bringing our customers one step ahead of the times. With the payment of scanning faces, customers can enjoy fresh food freely through innovative technology.”

Apart from the payment of scanning faces, KPRO has also applied other advanced technologies, such as the online self-service order station through scanning the QR code on every dining table. After only a ten-minute waiting time, the freshly cooked meal is delivered to your dining table.
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