Hangzhou New Light Shows

As the Thirteenth National Students Sports Game draws near, Hangzhou gets set to light up the whole town. From August 29th to September 16th, every evening, all kinds of light show and landscape lights have been renewed, giving enlightenment to all.

Qianjiang New City Light Show

To meet the 13th National Students Sports Game, a light show, themed with “Better Sports, Stronger China” will take place at 19:00 and 20:00 every evening until September 16th. For 15 minutes, the light show fully unfolds the charm of sport, and in doing so, inspires people to exercise.

From the five headings: Sports Art, Sports Culture, Sports Spirit, Sports Competition and Sports Life, we can feel the strong energy and passion of sport. The light show is magnificent in that it vividly portrays torches, mascots, emblems, athletes, surfing, running, flames, star-lights, colored ribbons, and Olympic rings.

The best viewing spot: the main balcony of the Hangzhou City Balcony, Qianjiang New City;
The best panoramic viewing spot: the Olympic Sports City and the Qianjiang Century City, the south of Qiantang River.

Shangcheng District Light Show

Seven buildings in Shangcheng District are made into a vast background to display the eight-minute special light show themed with its slogan. The slogan of the sports game, concluded from the cultural deposits of the National Students Sports Game, is demonstrated directly but in a dynamic form.

Show time: 19:00 and 20:00 every day from August 29th, 2017 to September 16th, 2017;
Recommended viewing spots: Shechao Square, Binjiang District, and any spot before the buildings or beside the river in Shangcheng District.

Binjiang District Light Show

The light show of Binjiang District begins with “Run, International Binjiang District” and shows all kinds of sport, such as running, cycling, basketball, tennis, football, table tennis, swimming, martial arts as well as its landmarks, such as the most beautiful athletic track, the Olympic Main Stadium, White Horse Lake Jianguo Hotel, and so on. It winds up with the slogan of this sports game and lasts for only 5 minutes.

Show time: 19:00 and 20:00 every day from August 29th, 2017 to September 16th, 2017;
Recommended viewing spot: the river bank near Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court.

Wulin Square Themed Fountain

From early August, Wulin Square opened its musical fountain, which has been adjusted to the theme of the National Students Sports Game. Both the new appearance and its music will give you a lovely surprise. Until September 16, you can experience this illuminating show at close range.

In addition, during the National Students Sports Game, all of Hangzhou’s landscape lights will be turned on at 19:00 and will last for 3.5 hours, except for September 3rd when the lights will be on from 18:30 to 23:00, enlightening people with the most beautiful Hangzhou.
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