Hefang Street’s Hidden Treasures

Hefang Street in Hangzhou, a bustling pedestrian area, has several hidden places that are worth visiting. What are they? Have you been to these places? Let’s get to know them.

Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum 朱炳仁铜雕艺术博物馆

Go straight along Hefang Street and you will get to the Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum at No. 221. With Bronze being the theme, the thirty-thousand-square-meter space tries to mix Chinese traditional arts, painting, sculpture and calligraphy. As the only Jiangnan bronze museum in the world, it is worth exploring to know the Chinese traditional arts.

Zhu Bingren Art Museum

Address: No.207-221, Hefang Street 河坊街207-221号

Si Guai Jiao 四拐角

Si Guai Jiao

As a well-preserved architecture group of modern China, Si Guai Jiao was listed as a key cultural relics protection unit in July 2000. Here, all the shops are in the style of 1920s and 1930s western architecture, different from the Chinese traditional houses on both sides of Hefang Street. Taking up three or four floors, the buildings are made of gray cement but give an impression of stone. With the uneven carvings in the eaves and above the windows and the convex balcony, the buildings seem even more generous and magnificent. 

Address: the junction of Hefang Street and Zhongshan South Road 河坊街与中山南路交界处

Guanfu Museum 观复博物馆

The Guanfu Museum is the first private museum since the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC), exhibiting the furnishings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The first floor mainly displays all sorts of chairs in China, most of which are made of mahogany, such as round-backed armchairs, official’s hat armchairs and meditation chairs, and the second floor centers on a silver jewelry exhibition from the Qing Dynasty and furnishings mainly made of Dalbergia odorifera and padauk.

Address: No.131, Hefang Street (near Zhongshan Middle Road) 河坊街131号(近中山中路)

Qinghefang Folk Custom Museum 清河坊民俗博物馆

The Qinghefang Folk Custom Museum is the first local folk custom museum in China, which presents the old folk customs of Hefang Street, Wushan Mountain and Hangzhou against the background of the century-old shops here.

Address: No. 190, Hefang Street 河坊街190号

Zhejiang Wuyue Ancient Pottery & Porcelain Museum 浙江吴越古陶瓷博物馆

As the source of the production of ancient pottery and porcelain, Zhejiang has a history more than seven thousand years old. Hemudu ancestors made them to be used as everyday utensils, and during the Liangzhu cultural period, the pottery was widely used and developed for pragmatic and ornamental purposes.

The ancient pottery and porcelain are the significant physical evidence, reflecting politics, military, economy, culture and production from different historical periods.  over 400 exhibits have been collected to demonstrate the long human development in Zhejiang.

Address: No. 12, Houshi Street (at the corner of Hefang Street) 后市街12号(与河坊街交叉口)