Chilling in the Countryside

Make like a hermit and head to the hills in Hangzhou for some respite from the crazy heat!

Jingshan Village 径山村

Jingshan Village is located in the Jingshan Scenic area, which is endowed with towering trees, green bamboo shoots, gurgling springs and heavy mist. Ambling along the sea of bamboo thickets, you can relax and indulge yourself either in some bird watching or meditation.

Jingshan Village – Chilling in the Countryside

At Jingshan Mountain, there are two things that make most travelers marvel. One is the Jingshan Xingsheng Wanshou (Longevity) Buddhist Temple, an ancient temple dating back to the Tang Dynasty, and the other is Jingshan Yunwu (Clouds and Mists) Tea. So popular are these two attractions, that just imagining the comfortable scenes of drinking tea and visiting the temple can relax the most stressed Chinese office-goers.

Address: Jingshan Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (杭州市余杭区径山镇)

Jiu Yang Ping Village 九仰坪

Jiu Yang Ping – Chilling in the Countryside

Jiu Yang Ping Village, upstream from Xiangxi River, is a small mountain village consisting of dozens of stone houses.
Along the path piled with rubble on each side and hidden in trees, one can climb over little hills to appreciate the tops of the terraces and the long “Stone Great Wall”, rows of huge rocks in the ridge believed to have been bestowed upon the village by the gods. Here, the song of birds twittering is accompanied by a soft breeze, and the smell of delicious farm dishes pervades the air, reminding one of the best parts of simple childhood.

Address: Xiangxi Village, Xindeng Town, Fuyang District (富阳区新登湘溪村)

Qinchuan Village 芹川村

Qinchuan Village – Chilling in the Countryside

Qinchuan Village is a natural summer resort where the waters and the mountains are particularly charming. Here, ancient houses are built along the river, where bridges stretch over the water and weeping willows are reflected by it, forming a typical picture of ancient Chinese history.
In the hot summers, the streams here are quite pleasant for cooling down. In the evenings, the bridges of Qinchuan Village are filled with amiable villagers gathering to chat, matching the idyllic poems of Tao Yuanming, a famous Chinese poet.

Address: Langchuan Village, Chun'an County, Hangzhou (杭州市淳安县浪川乡)

Qingtian Village 青田村

The village, embraced by the mountains on all four sides, boasts abundant plants, odd stones, winding creeks, cascading waterfalls and colorful ponds, presenting a complex and diverse forest landscape. No wonder it is reputed as the land of idyllic beauty in Qiandao Lake.

Address: Fuwen Village, Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou (杭州市淳安县千岛湖镇富文乡)

Luci Village 芦茨村

Deep mountains, aged trees, refreshing breeze, quaint little bridges, flowing waters, secluded houses–all the idyllic elements of China can be found in Luci Village, making for a fascinating pastoral landscape.

Apart from that, it is also endowed with an abundance of natural resources, such as valleys, lakes, cliffs, waterfalls and trees. They all make a contribution to two similar sceneries in the village, one of which is glisteningly reflected from the other in the Fuchun River, satisfying both your visual senses and spirit.

Address: Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou (杭州市桐庐县富春江镇)


Baisha Village 白沙村

Baisha Village, the first group of villages recognized to have a beautiful environment, is reputed as the “best source of Taihu Lake”. Adjoining Tianmu Mountain in the east and adjacent to the Tianhuangping Scenic Area, the village has green mountains full of beauty, clear streams reducing the temperature to 21℃, and rustic farmyards evoking a sense of closeness with nature and the older ways of living.

Address: Taihuyuan Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou (杭州市临安区太湖源镇)

Qingshandian Village 青山殿村

In Qingshandian Village, it is easy to hear inviting descriptions of the village such as “one pond of clear water, two sides of green mountains, three miles of jumping fishes and four seasons of fruit aromas”. It is an authentic depiction of the village, where the waters are deep blue, the bridges are like sketches of a long rainbow, and the village is awash with a natural, bounteous aura. Here, you can relax in the shade provided by old trees, and have a taste of fresh fruits, row easily on the surface of the river, put out a line to catch fish or shrimp on the banks of the river, and recline on bamboo chairs on the mountain.

Although there is no long history to trace back to, and no buildings with white walls and black tiles, it still wins a reputation for being the most beautiful fishing village in the western Zhejiang and the most graceful village in Hangzhou area.

Address: Qianchuan Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou (杭州市临安区潜川镇)


Xulin Village, Jiande City

Xulin Village, located on a mountain with an altitude of more than 400 meters, is surrounded by rolling hills. There is a multi-layer terrace stretching from the foot to the top of the hills.

When spring comes, these layers of terraces are buried in full golden yellow bursts of rape flowers, and the harmonious decoration of country residences and ancient camphor trees makes the scene even more enchanting. During the summers, clouds of mists and the lush green mountains appeal to senses of even the most jaded of visitors.

Address: Shaojia Village, Qiantan Town, Jiande City, Hangzhou (杭州建德市乾潭镇邵家村)
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