Seafood Season

After the longest off-season in fishing in recorded history, on August 1st, after three long months, all types of fishing vessels set out to throw the first net to catch this season's fish and started bringing back fresh seafood to our dining tables. To taste the freshest seafood, you should always travel to Zhejiang's coastal areas, but if traveling far is not an option, you can also try the following seafood restaurants which serve the freshest seafood fare in Hangzhou.

Lan Jing Dao (Blue Whale Island:蓝鲸岛)

The restaurant occupies an area of 1200 sq m, with three walls dedicated to all kind of live seafood kept in aquariums. There are over 60 kinds of sea delicacies, pretty much the standard number of oceanic species kept in an aquarium. With blue as the main tone setting the ambiance, the restaurant features a strong ocean-inspired. The restaurant makes one feel like they’re on a real ocean island.

Hot Seafood Restaurant in Hangzhou

After having your chosen seafood weighed, you can then find a comfortable place in the spacious restaurant and start to steam your seafood. If you don’t know how to steam the seafood, you can always call upon the available waiters to do it for you. There are also self-serve seasonings provided to diners.

The good news is that from August 7th to August 13th, all customers can enjoy a discount of 32%  off the seafood..

Address: 3/F, Xingguang Tiandi, Xiaoshan District (萧山星光天地三楼)
Contact: +86 571 82378937
Average Price: 121 RMB

Zhenhuo (臻货)

Zhenhuo is the first restaurant in Hangzhou that allows its customers to steam their own seafood. At this restaurant, fresh ingredients are cooked and tasted right on the scene, enabling the food to retain the original taste. The fresh and delightful seafood leaves a great impression on the customers, making it a rising star among local gourmands and an exemplar being followed by many.

Hot Seafood Restaurant in Hangzhou
The main dishes of the restaurant revolve around seafood, which is available in great variety. The cooking method of steaming retains and brings out the original freshness of the seafood to the greatest extent.

Address: No. 5 Baifu Road (白傅路5号)
Hours: 11:00 – 02:00
Average Price: 98RMB per person
Contact: +86 571 88000665

WOW (無二锅物料理)

The restaurant is named so to inspire hope in every customer visiting the restaurant that they will be amazed by the food served here; and indeed, after tasting the yummy food, one can’t help but sound out a solid ‘wow’.

Hot Seafood Restaurant in Hangzhou

The restaurant is based on a novel concept of combining the elements of hot pot, steaming seafood and a bar. Its first floor is dominated by a bar, and the second is for hot pot and seafood. The owner is from Wenzhou, a great place known for its excellent seafood. Here, one can not only sample fresh seafood dishes, but also try the many kinds of hot pot on offer. The restaurant is also the first of its kind to introduce automatically rising and lowering hot pots and it has nine kinds of soup bases to ensure a nice hot pot experience that caters to every taste. And if seafood and hotpot aren’t enough for you, you can always go downstairs to have the drink of your choice.

Address: No. 100 Gudun Road (古墩路100号)
Contact: +86 571 56928779
Average Price: 135 RMB
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