Hangzhou’s Own Tropical Beach

What’s the most popular place to head to during summer vacation? Countryside? The forests? The mountains? Nope, the islands! Summer is the season for indulgence, celebration, activity and freshness. For all those in need of sunshine, beaches, lazy days, and iced drinks, we have some super exciting news- Hangzhou people get to enjoy their own tropical beach now, located in the Baoshou Scenic Area, Baoshou Temple, Xiaohe Mountain Higher-Education Zone. Covering an area of 1350 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m), it makes for quite an interesting recreation spot.

Hangzhou's Own Tropical Beach

This scenic area presently incluldes a mountain spring swimming lane stretching over a kilometer and a beach covering 5000 sq m with 100,000 tons of sand brought in from the Hainan coast. The source of its water is the cold mountain spring running 40 meters under the ground surface. On sweltering hot days like these, the only antidote that works is settling in for some fun and rest by cool green waters deep in the mountains!

Things to Do:
At this scenic area, you can also take part in the following activities:
Song and dance
From 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, the scenic area prepares entertaining events for tourists, such as bikini baby catwalk shows as well as song and hot numbers.

The environment and terrain here are excellent for cardiovascular activities, with dense forest coverage pumping out fresh oxygen. The trails are paved with sleepers and resemble dragons winding up the mountain.

A note of caution: The scenic area is very lush since most of the area is pristine and untouched by ecological exploitation, therefore, to be safe, do not wander off alone and do wear long-sleeved shirts and full pants to avoid bug bites. 

Visiting the stone forest
Stone forest doesn’t exist only in Yunnan, this scenic area has abundant geological land forms, containing relics of karst landform formed by volcano eruptions and sedimentary rocks from Jurassic Period, all of which are magical masterpieces of the planet.

Strange rocks rise abruptly from the ground on the slope, standing in thousands of various postures, irregular and towering, resembling artificial works rather than those of nature. Some of them are independent scenes, some of them crisscross and connect with each other, making for an impressive sight.

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is quite strong here, use good sunblock and skin protection practices while touring in this scenic area. Bringing a change of clothes would also be wise.
Scenic area inquiry hot line:+86 571 88696655; 15355054996(9:00 AM – 7:00 PM)
Bus stops near the scenic area: Chongtian Temple Stop, Xiaohe Mountain Stop, Shima Village Stop

Restaurants Nearby
Shiben – known for their creative dishes
Specialties: Pepper chicken from the western region, fresh shrimp with Qinghua frozen collagen, Japanese tofu with pine nuts and Katsuobushi, sweet and spicy fried minced mushrooms and meat, seafood fried rice, smashed purple yams, smashed green beans, etc.
Address: 50 meters ahead of YTO Express in Xiaohe Mountain New Community

Liuxia Villa
– Dessert + bean vermicelli soup
Specialties: Classic glass noodles in duck soup, probiotic beverages with limes, matcha latte, mango pancake, noodles with roast pork, etc.

Address: Second floor of Union 100 Supermarket, Donghe Apartment, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Liuhe Road

Aunt Liang’s Farm-style Cuisine: Home-style dishes
Specialties: Aunt Liang fish head, “the heart is too soft”, bean curd gut and Chinese cabbage, dates stuffed with sticky rice, special fish head, etc.
Address: No.2 of Xiaohe Mountain, the 4th Zone

Look Back Again Old Peking Hotpot – Hotpot dishes

Address: Pingfeng New Community No. 368-31, Liuhe Rd.