Hangzhou – A Shopping Paradise

Based on unique resources such as silk and Longjing green tea and the fact that the city is the center of wholesale clothes, Hangzhou continues to build itself as a shopping paradise. Just like Hong Kong, the city witnesses constant new additions to its shopping options and the following two are probably the most alluring.  

Raffles City, Hangzhou

Hangzhou Raffles City Shopping Center grandly opened its doors to customers on April 27, 2017. It is CapitaLand’s sixth Raffles City, following Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Bahrain. As the most famed subsidiary urban complex brand of CapitaLand, each arise of Raffles is a city-class architectural masterpiece, receiving compliments worldwide.

Rafffles City, Hangzhou

Raffles City, Hangzhou, locates at the heart of Hangzhou’s new central business district, Qianjiang New City, at the bank of Qiantang River. It covers a construction area of 380,000 square meters which includes six high-end real estates like Raffles Shopping Mall, International Super Level-A Office Building, Yashige Service Apartment, Hilton Conrad Hotel, Treasured Apartment and Boutique Apartment. Raffles in Hangzhou is a new architectural landmark in Hangzhou. It is not only a three- dimensional skyscraper, but also a sparkling “business card” the city presents to the world)

Add: 228, Xinye Road
Tel: +86 571 81105678

GDA Plaza

GDA Plaza was newly opened on May 20, 2017. Covering an area of 150,000 sq m, it is probably the most anticipated business complex in Hangzhou. The plaza is situated in Hangzhou’s most prosperous business area – Wulin business central area and is the tallest shopping center with the most floors. The 28-floor building houses business, hotel and office entities. The business entities dominate the area from underground to the tenth floor and set the tone as "Funism of Modern People."

GDA Plaza

Highlight One Catering to All Kinds of Taste Buds
GDA Plaza has elaborately selected around 60 dining brands including the Starbucks national flagship store. It's the fifth flagship Starbuck Coffee store in China and for Hangzhou this flagship store was especially designed to capture elements such as local culture and history. There is also an updated version of Grandma’s Kitchen to look forward to.

Highlight Two Satisfying Needs of Fashionable Souls
Besides dining venues of various kinds, GDA Plaza is also home to a considerable number of fashion outlets, like Brookstore Zhejiang flagship store, GDFS Experience Store (the first of its kind in Chinese mainland) and i.t New Concept Collection Store.  

Add: 609 Yan'an Road
Tel: +86 571 86676666