Hangzhou – An All-Season Destination


Hangzhou has two national scenic areas – West Lake Scenic Area and “Two Rivers and Two Lakes (Fuchun River – Xin’an River – Qiandao Lake – Xianghu Lake)” Scenic Area, two national natural reserves – Tianmu Mountain and Qingliangfeng Peak, seven national forest parks – Qiandao Lake, Daqi Mountain, Wuchao Mountain, Fuchun River, Qingshan Lake, Banshan Mountain and Tonglu Yaolin Forest Park, one national tourist resort – Zhijiang national tourist resort, and the first national wetland – Xixi National Wetland Park. All in all, Hangzhou has a lot to offer, whatever the season.

Hangzhou Must-Visits

No. 1 West Lake

West Lake is located at the west side of the city and is among the first group of national key scenic areas in Chinese mainland and is one of China’s Top Ten Scenic Areas too. It is one of the major freshwater lakes for sightseeing and one of the few listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as the only lake of cultural heritage in China. According to the famous Chinese poet, Su Dongpo, there are altogether 36 lakes named West Lake in China and the best one is in Hangzhou.

West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides with the fourth side being the downtown city. West Lake boasts picturesque scenery in all four seasons, with spring characterized by all kinds of colorful flowers and wild birds skimming over the lake, summer featuring an endless stretch of pink lotus flowers against a background of lush green leaves, autumn by the full moon mirroring in rippling waters beneath, and winter by flame-red plum blossom in white snow.

No. 2 Xixi National Wetland Park

The magic of Xixi National Wetland Park lies in its water and water is the soul of Xixi. In the park, six rivers crisscross and there is greenery everywhere. Strolling along the shaded path through the verdant trees and shrubs is like stepping into a magical wonderland. Besides water, Xixi devotes itself to ecological environment protection and it is also a place of long-lasting cultural and historical landscapes.

No. 3 Hefang Street

Hefang Street lies at the foot of Wushan Hill and is part of Qinghefang Historical Block, which used to belong to the old Hangzhou downtown. The street stretches for over 18000 meters from Jiangcheng Road in the east to Nanshan Road, with the section between Wushan Square and Zhongshan Middle Road as the pedestrian part. In the olden times, the street was the gathering place of many Hangzhou old brands, such as Kong Fengchun Face Powder Store and Wanlong Ham Store. Now the place is characterized for its snacks, antiques, calligraphy, paintings, old brands and other types of featured stores. Hefang Street is one of the city’s historical streets that best demonstrates the historical and cultural landscape of old Hangzhou.

No. 4 Prince Bay Park

Prince Bay Park is full of romantic ambiance and is a must-visit park for every Hangzhou native and is an ideal place for couples shooting their wedding photos. If entering the park from the entrance facing Su Causeway, you will see primitive scenery and walking further, you will see a large lawn with an exotic windmill. Everywhere you look you are greeted with color especially from March to May when cherry blossom and tulips are all in full bloom.

No. 5 Qiandao Lake Scenic Area

Qiandao Lake, located inside Chun’an County, is an artificial lake formed after the Xin’an River Dam cut off its water. In the lake, the water is a clear emerald jewel set in and amongst over a thousand islets, some of which must be visited by one of the lake’s scenic cruises.