Enjoy a “Cool Summer" in Tuankou’s Cold Spring

As the weather gets hotter the visit to a hot spring, however, is becoming less cool. But with outside temperatures on the rise the only way to breeze through summer is by experiencing a cold spring, and in Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring Hotel, which is only around an hour’s drive away from Hangzhou, cold springs are all the rage.

Hangzhou Tuankou Cold Spring

There are 11 outdoor cold spring pools in the Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring Hotel, each with crystal-clear waters where the temperatures are maintained at 18-25 degrees Celsius. As soon as you step into the cold spring you will feel its benefits which range from feeling relaxed, from head to toe, to minimizing the summer’s heat and fatigue.

According to the naming standard of spring water, a spring with a temperature above 27 degrees Celsius is called a 'hot spring' (In winter, the spring temperature is commonly around 38-40 degrees Celsius), and a spring less than 27 degrees Celsius is named a 'cold spring'. Taking a dip into a cold spring is an effective way for maintaining one’s health and it will not only relieve the summer’s stifling heat, but will also nourish the skin and improve immunity.

It is reported that parent-child water park programs and the Four Seasons Homothermal Passion Water Park will be open after the Dragon Boat Festival. This project has invested tens of millions of yuan so it could combine the original children's water playing area together with the wellness center and bus parking lots to form the 4,800-square meter water paradise which boasts a recreational area of about 6080 square meters. In accordance with the hotel's original Balinese architectural style, the whole paradise is divided into the children's water playing area, recreational area, Sunny Beach, Water Curtain Cave, Lazy River, Joyful Fountain, Resting Pavilion, Wave Pool, Maya Temple, Mysterious Tribes, parents’ waiting area and so on.

As its name implies, the biggest feature of the water park is its constant temperature in all four seasons. All the water in the ponds is from the springs and, what’s more, the water temperature has been reasonably and scientifically controlled to reach a temperature that children can bear so that they can play to their hearts' content.

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